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1200 Simple Question About Weight

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Bigjimknickers, Mar 16, 2020.

  1. When selecting solo, two up & luggage-
    What weight are they allowing for for these settings?
  2. Average weight can be the only choice. Take the lightest it might be, take the heaviest it might be, pic the middle.
  3. Let's cut to the chase here..........

    What you're saying is frankly you might be on the ' cuddly' side, ie. Fat Bastard.

    Therefore you should probably err on the side of caution and just leave it in Rider+Pillion+Luggage at all times...;);):D:D
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  4. Or——
    On the slight side..

    but nah.
    Fat guy, yup
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  5. Okay, I'm a lard arse at about 17.5 stone and although I don't ride 2 up, I do tour with luggage for 2 (a Diavel has no luggage capacity). I have the manual pre load adjuster on the forks 1 turn back from max (fully clockwise) and have set the electronic rear pre load to max on 2 up and luggage. Solo riding the rear pre load is about 80%. Only time I've ever gone max and max was on track at Folembray in France. Andy
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  6. It's worth getting your pre-load and sag set up properly, it makes a huge difference. There are a few suspension specialist companies but I'm not sure whereabouts you are based though...
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  7. I’m in Guildford, surrey
  8. thats easy then, go pay Steve Jordan a vist.

    fwiw, I ride my enduro in solo mode and i'm probably best described as cuddly. When two up and fully loaded it is definitely under-sprung for continental paced touring.
    on my 2012 bile I fitted a stronger spring, which got it pretty much spot on. I did add a bit of additional spring preload too which if anything has made it on the hard side, but I live with it.
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  9. P&H at Crawley also used to offer this service with their Oblins technician. You might need an uprated spring if you are on the chunky side
  10. If you don't change it the back of the bike sits down and you'll get flashed all the way home.
  11. Oblins are great shocks :):upyeah:
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  12. I tend to think (I may be wrong) that the Italians set the suspension for the "average" weight, around 80KG. I find on my new 950S the static sag is i bit over ideal and will probably use the "Rider & Luggage" setting on the preload if I feel it's a bit low..
  13. you folks with Skyhook do know you can alter what pre-load is set to each of the rider, rider +luggage etc, so you can keep it on Solo, and alter to suit if you then have luggage etc ?
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  14. That was the Answer I was looking for- what is there specified Weight for a solo rider.
    Looks like I’ll need a new spring ASAP or a crash diet to get to under 100kg..
  15. Well, yes you can alter the preload, but the is a limit to how much it can adjust, so if you max it out when on solo it has nothing more to give when with luggage or fully loaded.
    This is why I added more fixed preload when I changed my spring (on my ohlins bike), by adjusting the C rings.
    Somewhere on here a guy posted the part number for a replacement stronger spring to fit a skyhook damper (I think the damper body diameter is different to the ohlins one)
  16. Yes indeed, it was more aimed at folk who have only gone to “Solo + luggage “ for solo riding where only a slight increase in pre-load is required
    I could get it sorted solo and two up but with luggage as well it was like driving a rubber dinghy !
    I went down the custom spring route with a triple staged spring to suit me.... me + Mrs...me+mrs+luggage best thing ever
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  17. I’ve emailed Steve Jordan about a setup, £75 inc vat I believe, I’ll see what he thinks of it all.
  18. When I was a kid, my mom would shop for me from the Sears catalogue.
    There were three sizes: Small, Medium and Husky.
    Let's just say it didn't make me feel any better.
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