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Six Month Mot Extension

Discussion in 'The Coronavirus Section' started by Wassy, Mar 25, 2020.

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  1. Heard it this morning. Brilliant! Mine’s due next month and I still need to get the mileage on my digi dash reprogrammed in (which would be impossible now). Or risk having the “clocks changed” shit on the document.
  2. :mad: and guess who took a van for an MOT 1 month a 1 day too early just in case they closed the MOT centres? :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
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  3. Well if it makes you feel any better, this silly bastard bought 6 months tax on 20th of this month!
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  4. i took mine in early too but i was within the limit to have it dated April 2020, more by luck than judgement..
  5. I'd imagine you still have to tax it??
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  6. I think he means he's not out driving or riding it?
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  7. It never dawned on me that they wouldn't just add the month... I knew it was a little over the month.... but WTF.... That's like nearly £3.80 worth of MOT... I could have nearly got a pint of Guinness for that....... God I miss Guinness...
  8. Phew thank goodness as mine is due next month
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  9. I think its a terrible idea personally, 6 months is a long time for no mot. I see some down right dangerous cars/bikes on the road and people are going to take the piss.
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  10. My little Suzuki was due for its last ever MOT this year at the end of May. It now won't run out until winter, so thats that forever, as it will be exempt from January. Obviously I wont ride it in December. Hurrah!
  11. How about those old mot exempt vehicles.

    Do you do mots per chance?
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  12. My friendly local MOT guy must make 90% of his living through MOT's. He's spot on and I hope he's still in business in 6 months and is compensated for the loss of business.. :(

    As soon as it's safe to do so, I'll be taking anything anything due for an MOT to him to get done.
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  13. My local mot garage has shut until further notice, the Ducati runs out next week, little Honda is OK until September and the Triton doesn't need one, plenty of time for cleaning as all the maintenance has been done over winter.
  14. If any vehicle is unsafe, it has always been the case it can be taken off the road and the owner fined - even if it is the day after an MOT (although questions would then be asked of the MOT station). VOSA and the old bill have always had those powers. This extension does not alter those powers in any way. We all have a legal duty to make sure our bikes and cars are 100% road worthy and legal at all times if they are on a public road or area.
    All this has done, is give those of us who have an MOT due - a bit of breathing space to get them tested and stop everyone from rocking up at a testing station in droves. It does not mean anyone can ride about on a pile of dangerous crap for an additional few months. It is a commonsense idea and should be applauded
  15. yes I am an mot tester , bit different with mot exempt vehicles 98% of people who present them know what they are doing with them but I still mot a lot of them, but 98% of people who drive daily from my experience havnt got a clue about vehicle maintainance. Plus say in 3months time when hopefully this is sorted and the government lifts the ban or what ever how many thousands of people will have forgotten about there mot and be driving illegally.
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  16. due on the 31st with the MOT tester shutting for 2 weeks this is good news. I've alreadfy set reminders to call him in two weeks to see what the upate is.
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  17. I assume you can still get an MOT on the current due date if you want to?

    My dog car is booked in on 1st April... but I guess I am throwing away 6 months worth of free MOT if I take it (£20)?
  18. Take the £20 - buy drugs :p:bucktooth::D
  19. Yes you can still get your car mot'd on your expiry date.

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