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(small) Bike Things You've Done Today

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Cream_Revenge, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. Washed and waxed two bikes today that was overdue, also on the Trails bike for a few laps, plus i also looked at a Triumph Bonniville.
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  2. Which year Bonnie?
  3. installed an oxford USB charger, as i use iPhone for satnav

    didnt want some crappy Oxford thing on the top mount so i utilised the battery tender lead which sticks out by clutch master cylinder, adapted a lead so i can plug straight in to it

    only to be used when desperate i can plug in and secure the charger, which is about the size of a box of matches, with velrco inside the fairing, otherwise i'll keep it under the seat
  4. A 1972 model, but wasn't stock format and a very expensive purchase price, so perhaps not this time around.
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  5. When did they switch to lefthand gear change from the suicide ones?
  6. My dad has a few old British bikes, I don't know how he can ride one of those in the morning and a modern left change in the afternoon!.
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  7. Practice my dear boy practice. ;)
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  8. Do you mean, from the correct side to the incorrect side, dear boy ?
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  9. I’m going out on my scrambler for the day :)
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  10. Perhaps the John Bloor period and not before.
  11. No, my Trident & Bonnie both had lefthand gear change, they were '76 & '78.
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  12. Yes when did the Meriden mob realise that whilst we would put up with oil leaks, putting the gear change where the rear brake belonged was no longer an option!
  13. Seems it was '75 / '76. Had to do with American laws requiring the brake controls to be on the right. I believe that BSA and Norton did the same.
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  14. Wow that's given me confidence with some of these old fossils, that one i viewed had RHS gearchange attached.
  15. I owned four old school trumpets simultaneously whilst living in the USA. They looked gorgeous. They rode well and whilst not super fast it was a real pleasure to ride them. They were often crap to start, and their poorly designed or simply low quality electrics were a constant problem.

    I'd have another one only if I had an extra large garage, and other bikes to actually ride. Which would mean I could polish and smile at the Trumpet & ride it gently, on perfect days, short distances.
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  16. I'm not a fan of the latter disc brake version, but the leading shoes / hub...it looks so sexy in my opinion.
    Anyway who needs to stop when your having fun.
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  17. [​IMG]
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  18. Having a few problems with the bike Finm?
  19. yip, turns out shit dont burn. :mad:
    picked him and the bike up from the top of Glencoe last night. kicking it over it feels like it may have holed a piston or something. he went a lil further afield after a whole week of everything working and up until it went pop it had never ran so well apparently.
    a wee phone call to lexmoto today i think. lets see if we can get his new one delivered early.
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  20. Not today but tomorrow. Been helping a mate over in Wales with his z1000. Its been off the road all summer. Its turned into a bit of a teaching/learning experience for him. Hes got the same one as mine (gen4) and bar having the motor out of mine its been apart a fair few times (servicing, maintenance, repairs etc etc) so at the start of the summer he came off of it (a small off) but enough to snap the footpeg so he got some gilles on order which, after i think 4 months have just turned up. Weve fitted the modified airbox, HM QS, (the footpegs but he did that), a hel rear master cylinder (brembo rear to come) and the crowning finish tomorrow some top end OZ titanium coloured wheels and new tyres tomorrow so taking all my tyre changing stuff over to teach him how to do it (hes never had the wheels of either) so tomorrow should be fun...even more fun going into wales on a sunny day on a z1000 with a small plate and a full race system....(cue smokey and the bandit music...)
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