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(small) Bike Things You've Done Today

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Cream_Revenge, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. MoT’d one bike this morning, MoT’ing a second tomorrow afternoon. Still waiting on the DVLA to send me a V5c for my recent purchase but there’s no surprise there. Andy
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  2. Diavel passed the MoT and has been ridden with much enthusiasm to celebrate :D Andy
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  3. Busy afternoon, after trying an Italian made front disc on my light weight wheels, I was horrified to find how poor the OE discs are by comparison when I put the OE wheels back on for a tour of the Brecons in September. Dropped some bits off at MR for my Multistrada build this morning and dug deep for another pair which I have just fitted.
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  4. I’ve only looked at my bikes over the past week or so :(
  5. Sorted the tyre pressures, lubed the chain and packed, ready for this weekend’s trip.
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  6. A small purchase arrived today.
    Adjustable foot pegs for the Multistrada. Andy
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  7. Filled the tank with E5!
  8. Finally got round to fixing the wee ones KX65 dirt bike, or attempting to at least. It requires a new clutch, or so I thought!

    I had allocated an hour of my valuable 'sitting-about-on-ma erse' time. Boy was I wrong on that call, it slipped out of sight like a Tory promise - little bit of politics there!

    Now we are onto water pump service, pads, fluid, coolant, probably a chain, maybe a sprocket and the shocks are a wee bit spongy at the front, saying that I am a bit of a fat knacker at 12 st and child number two is as light as a butterflies turd.

    She' scunnered as she wanted to go rag it about at Drumclog tomorrow. C'est la vie I had to tell her, that's biking for ya, now leave me alone I'm resting.

    All the parts are on order, I also had to by a teen-weeny set of sockets and a fly-wheel clamp. and 25 ltrs of Wurth brake cleaner.

    One hour my flabby, rosy cheeked highland erse!
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  9. Addendum.

    On my trip to Aldi this PM I see they have the power tools back in the "isle of the shite you never knew you needed".

    HUSSAR!! cries I, forgetting that SWMBO is actually with me and wasn't convinced for my need for a large reciprocating saw.

    "Monkey see, MONKEY FUCKIN' WANT PAL!"

    We shouldn't really argue like that in public, brings the tone of the venue down.

    So, get em while their hot kids...
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  10. Bevel cran shimming.....
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  11. Half the contents of my loft have gone to a new owner. 1098R OE Akrapovic full system, 1098R Termignoni “shotgun” half system, two rather sorry looking track fairing kits (one Ducati plastic and one CRC fibre), spare pair of wheels and few odds and sods. Hopefully the new owner is coming back in an hour to collect the bike, if the weather holds up. That being the case, I can move the R6 out of the hall and into the garage, hoorah :D Andy
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  12. A bit of a clean as it was heavy rain showers and windy all day, so did not go out.

    Auto Glym super resin polish for the paint work
    Muck-Off silicon shine for the plastics

  13. Washed and polished both bikes , checked and lubed the chains , checked the oil level , and started both bikes .
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  14. Finally waved goodbye to the 1098R this morning. It is the right time and I know it has gone to a good home. Will almost certainly see it again next May on track at Almeria. Andy
  15. Agreed a deal to swap my H2 SX SE for a Multi V4S Full. Pick up Saturday :D.
  16. Washed the contents of Devon and Cornwall off the Monkey. I’ll need to tackle the ridiculous amount of tar all over it on another day.
  17. Fitted a throttle spacer to the V4; not much to see, but here is a before and after pic

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  18. Had the tarmac been recently laid? If so I’d get a claim in to the contractor to pay for a proper clean/detail.

    I had this problem a couple of years ago with my 3 week old Diavel and got the contractor to pay £475 to have it properly done. When it was finished it was better than when it came out of the showroom :)

    Ps. Contractors apparently have a fund to deal with this kind of thing :)
  19. After I’d finished fiddling with my new tent just delivered today ( see what have you done today thread ) I thought I’d have a quick spin out on the “ workhorse “ Ninja 1000SX seeing as my lovely little 899 “ show pony” is now sorned and tucked up for the winter .
    Might leave the tax running on this for November and see what the weather does :thinkingface:?

    Bright but cool up here, so a quick spin out through Yarm, Scorton, Yafforth, Northallerton, Thirsk, out to Helmsley and up the TT , or Pheasant Alley as I’m now calling it !…my God, there was some road kill on it today, must have seen about 20 dead pheasants on it :astonished:!
    Anyhow, ended up in Great Ayton for a coffee and a Pastie, ..the Ninja has a breather …

    Petch’s famous pie shop can be seen in the background ,…if you’ve ever had one of their pork pies you’ll know what I’m talking about..fabulous :upyeah:


    Haven’t ridden the Ninja for most of the summer as I’ve been smitten with riding the 899 after fitting the carbon wheels and K-TEC shock, but my God , I’d totally forgotten what a cruise missile this thing iso_O , I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but you wouldn’t believe what a slick, smooth grunty thing this is..


    And compared to the Panigale it’s a piece a piss to ride, it’s like being attached to a very, very rapid settee :joy::joy:! and I was three quarters of the way around before I remembered “ IT’S GOT HEATED GRIPS “ woo-hoo!!!…I’d really forgotten how quick and what a great all rounder it is.

    Also the statue on the green commemorates Great Ayton as being the childhood home of this gadgy..


    The famous Captain Cook , amazing to think that he took a tiny little ship and discovered Australia,…must have had a few Petch’s pie’s on board for sustenance :D:upyeah:

    And a nice Remembrance Day tribute to the fallen..


    Don’t forget it’s next week, I want to see you all buying / wearing your poppies next week, ..you know it’s the right thing to do :upyeah: ..
    About an 80 miles ride out, a bit cool but definitely a brucie- bonus for this time of year :D
    Cheers all :upyeah:
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  20. Was Suggits open? Always had an ice cream from there when I went to Great Ayton :)

    Interesting (to me anyhow) SWMBO’s cousins husband built a house in Victoria, Australia that looked like the old station house in Little Ayton :)
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