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(small) Bike Things You've Done Today

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Cream_Revenge, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. I wouldn’t call that a small bike thing. Looks like a serious job well done with a Halfords tool kit by the look of it. Respec!:upyeah:

    At least I know who to get in touch when my engine needs a small crankshaft replacement.

    Keep the pics coming it’s well out of my comfort zone.
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  2. I’m going out later on the Panigale:upyeah:
  3. Halfords tools are remarkably good value. Anything else I need for major work I buy as a one off. Think my allen keys cost £30 but have never rounded or snapped.
    My problem is lack of space, I'm actually working underneath my rgv as I have nowhere else to go:grinning:
  4. Bike's in for a service, and having the spotlights I bought off a member on here enabled, at Ducati Worcester today. Taking a Multistrada V4s out for a few hours in the mean time.
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  5. Serviced the front brakes on the Triumph .
  6. Been out for a couple of hours on the Panigale. :)

    Petrol prices have shot up round here…………I put a tenners worth in and it cost me £15.50!
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  7. I agree, Halfords tools are good. Lifetime warranty, what more do you want?
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  8. What a stunning bike, an evolution for sure. More impressed than I expected to be. Though on balance the cost of change over my very capable 1260 MTS will mean I'll be sticking with that for the foreseeable.

    20211111_134128.jpg 20211111_134152.jpg 20211111_134209.jpg 20211111_134220.jpg 20211111_134235.jpg 20211111_134319.jpg
    Returned a bit filthy to the nice people at Ducati Worcester.
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  9. Robbed the tarty carbon beak off my track bike as it goes through the workshop at MR and fitted them to my day bike :D Andy
  10. Spent most of the day swapping the 959 dssa to a 1299 sssa. Thanks to @Smurfbud and @Nathanhu for tips and tricks a long the way. Only took a couple of hours by using the axle stands under the fixed foot rests.
    New 1299 abs line and speed sensor fitted. Brake bled and speed sensor checked, all good. :)

    3A1BD58B-C14C-45D8-87F9-B3B6FB3C70A1.jpeg 9CD7C3A9-2363-4873-B084-A0F4A5C63B43.jpeg
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  11. Small thing you say??

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  12. Been noticing of late that the Multistrada front brake master cylinder needs a pump but still retains a ‘spongy’ feel. Comes back after a bleed but not for long so swapped it over this morning for a spare I just acquired. Before sending it off for a refurbish, I decided to strip it down. Mmm, the piston lower seal is paper thin, the piston upper seal is rigid and about the first 10mm of the cylinder is showing signs of corrosion. Bugger, it is now destined for the bin. Still, the spare feels good and it was definitely a good idea to put a bleed nipple on the ABS manifold on the inlet banjo. Made bleeding a doddle. Andy
  13. Made a super complicated locking tool for the bevel clutch.
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  14. Been out on the Scrambler , Cheddar was very busy .
  15. Rear caliper removed, cleaned, new pads fitted and system bled. Chain cleaned, adjusted and lubricated. Knackered now, time for a mug of java. Andy
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  16. Put new tyres and balanced them myself on the VFR750 for the first time, need to to do the same for the 848 but thought I would practice on the recently acquired VFR first. Decided to order some more tyre levers as found the only curved one in the kit worked best.
  17. Fitting new tyres is a doddle with about 5 or 6 large sized cable ties, space them equally around the tyre and pull them up tight so the tyre beads are compressed together, lube the tyre and the rim and the tyre drops on without the use of levers just a bit of manual persuasion. Cut the cable ties and extract the broken ties and pop it on an airline. I put both tyres on in in less than 20 mins on my Monster
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  18. Fired up my new parts washer, £114 delivered and filled it with, well..mmmm, dirty parts.
  19. Thanks for the tip will try that next time
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