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(small) Bike Things You've Done Today

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Cream_Revenge, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. Yesterday put a deposit down on a 19 plate Kawasaki Z900RS , part ex'd the Scrambler.
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  2. Post up a photo when you get the chance?
  3. Unfortunately , it will be a couple of weeks before it's ready , I will post pics when I get it .
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  4. Took my £300 shitbox for MOT. Passed as well with just advisory on rear pads noisy. That’s another wedged in the garage… no more room in the inn !! 06E48C85-C5AA-48CA-9B11-05574DDC3D01.jpeg 6A0E62BD-7C4C-428B-B767-2618A627FA04.jpeg
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  5. Sorting out replacement bearings for a big bore eccentric hub. The needle bearing (SKF RNA 4910.2RS) is easy, the double cage roller bearing (SKF BAH 0175 or SKF VKBC 20199) however, is a little more tricky to find competitively priced. Found a great web site, 123bearings.co.uk but they are actually in France and their bearings are shipped from France sans VAT. Can’t be arsed with that. Local Brammer, bless them, are doing a bit of leg work and getting back to me. Andy
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  6. Sorned the Panigale. It didn’t get much use last year and even less this year.

    Next year I’m taking it on the pilgrimage to Jerez with Uncle Bazzer. :):motorcycleduc::sun:
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  7. Went for a little test ride - wow!
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  8. Whilst I was pootling in the garage tidying draws and putting the accumulated spares in bike specific boxes, I decided to put a collection of crusty, used Brembo brake caliper bits into soak in some Bilt Hamber wheel cleaner. It’s witchcraft, the spring plates and pins cleaned up really very well. Alright, I had get creative with some of the corrosion on the pins but once passivated again, that’s saved two sets for the Multistradas and one for the Diavel. Andy
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  9. Don’t,..please …I’m seriously trying to resist buying one of these :rolleyes:
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  10. Superb bike and good discounts to be had right now; I'm tempted but am waiting to try the KTM 1290 SDR Evo...
  11. Although it’s wet and miserable out there I’m going out for a couple of hours on the Scrambler :)
  12. Thought about going out on the SS but it’s too wet and miserable
  13. This any use? https://simplybearings.co.uk/shop/Bearings/c3/index.html
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  14. Hi Andy, if you want you can send them to me here in France, and I'll organise sending to you there for cost. Just to help out. Dm me if you need.

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  15. That’s really kind of you Grant and much appreciated. Turns out the manager of my local bearing stockist is an X-Diavel nut and he’s sorting me out for a special ;) price. Cheers, Andy
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  16. Took all of 10 minutes to disassemble, clean and then fit a new piston and seal kit to my spare Multistrada clutch master cylinder. Longest job was leaving the new piston and seals to soak in the assembly fluid :joy: Andy
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  17. Pulled pistons out of a set of calipers. From a trike...
    Took 2 hours, do they ever use the front brake on one of those three wheeled death traps?
  18. Well I went out (just got back 30 mins ago). Got piss wet through. Stuff is now in the airing cupboard drying off.

    Called in to Ducati Manchester though for a chat and a coffee :)

    The weekend will be for cleaning the bike and my gear I think :(
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  19. Took my 848s :) for its mot :upyeah:
    Nice day for it.

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