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(small) Bike Things You've Done Today

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Cream_Revenge, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. Discovered that if I wrap bike parts in aluminium foil, I can heat them in the oven to fit bearings without my wife smelling hot oil.
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  2. November+Sunshine+Dry roads-Salt = 999

    +cold+traffic+ vigilantes with speed guns = head back home.
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  3. Fitted a go pro mount to the bike. F**k all else I can do after my painter broke his leg on another trackday which as a consequence has delayed my bodywork by another three months. He is at least OK and healing. Still I wouldn't be riding the bike this time of year anyway and it needs its first MOT, which will raise a few eyebrows at the test centre given it only has 12 miles on the clock.
  4. Finally managed to get the v-due to start. Appears the starter system was shimmed strangely from new, its a bit difficult to know as manuals can only be delivered by unicorn.
    On the bright side it's instant cold start and idle which apparently its never done before.
    Sounds nice.
  5. Received from Sportsbike Shop a pair of heated motorcycle gloves.A bit of a luxury but I did get a 20% discount on them and the batteries and charger that goes with them.
    Mrs Mervyn declares they are brilliant,so that is probably the last I will see of them.:(
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  6. Heated gloves are a game changer. Knocks heated grips into a cocked hat :upyeah:
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  7. Rode the Scrambler to Moto Corsa in Gillingham near Wincanton , to pick up the new Kawasaki , the new bike looks and sounds lush , I nearly bailed today , sleet , freezing , windy , low sun , debris all over the roads .
  8. Bought some new bike jeans with 20% off at Infinity. Does that count?
  9. Visited the Ducati factory shop. Bought nowt :)
  10. That doesn’t compute!
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  11. yip, tho small, it counts. i too visited a bike shop yesterday and stocked up on new gear. Jacket, boots and jeans while the lad was doing his CBT, then revisited the shop after he got his certificate, where he got the full bhuna. tho only a small thing, it's all the large things i am gonna have to do to pay for it, that hurts. :(
  12. Pics of the new bike




















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  13. Fresh oil and filter sorted this avo. Spent the remainder investigating what seems to be a fuelling issue. The fuel pipe the goes from the tank to the fuel rail seems to be the culprit. Looks like the pipe is collapsing on itself where it bends when the tank goes down. Fingers crossed this is the problem as it’s an easy fix!

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  14. Guzzi 1100 sport 1995 ,hyrdaluc cluth cable convesion

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  15. In preparation for our visit to the NEC for Motorcycle Live next week, I went to Infinity in Farnborough today to look at the Shoei NXR 2 and check sizes. Disappointingly, the helmet is the wrong shape, too short and sits far too high on my head. It was the same with the GTAir 2 and both the Arais I tried :( Andy
  16. Finally finished this.

    But now have to work on a trike:scream:
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  17. Lovely !!
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