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(small) Bike Things You've Done Today

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Cream_Revenge, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. Spend their inheritance before they can i say.
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  2. While my wife was at work, took the opportunity to use the oven to heat up an rvf400 hub and fit new hearings.
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  3. Some time back now, my wife walked in from work early and caught me with my Vello head in the oven and my valve guides in the freezer :pensive:
    But worse was, when I forgot I had a tin of Lynklife on the boil in the kitchen. I thought something was up when I couldn’t see into the kitchen through the window from outside. :eek:
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  4. Changed the front sprocket on the Versys 1000, 16t to gear up.
    Removed 7 years worth of chain lube and gunge from inside the sprocket cover, this took longer than the sprocket change.
    Just waiting for a bit of rain to clear the salt off the road, then out for a run.
  5. Viewing the front mudguards for the 900ss this morning and i just can't decide which one's the better bet as both really need work, one has tiny bit missing on the front edge, but both could do with a new top coat.
    I bought the intact one from an ebayer who'd a 888sp5 sitting in their ownership and paid too much money just to see that bike, lol
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  6. OMG XH558, I hope you don't mind me saying, but that photo of how you 'lovingly store/display/keep' your bike bits and pieces, is SOOOOOOO OCD!
    Wow :p
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  7. Banked my vehicle tax refund from the V2 :)
  8. I have never been married and have no children so I only have myself (and Carole) to spend it on. Which I do, often :D Andy
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  9. ^^ yeah @XH558 don’t go judging others by your own standards!!
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  10. It's a very long story or perhaps a tall story, it was given to me in recent times, so why not bung it up with useful stuff.
  11. As Steve McQueen once said, we only go round the once so i want a piece of it.:upyeah:
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  12. Dropped off the bike at Ducati Mcr for new fork seals, the last pair have lasted only two years!
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  13. Not sure whether to give you a like or dislike, maybe if they're Ohlins but just normal 900ss showa seals what's going on.?
  14. Haven’t a clue, I had the fork stanchions re-chromed at the same time as the new seals were fitted, but recently they decided to let go.
    The left one was especially bad with oil dripping on to the brake calliper.
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  15. Fitted a carbon fibre fairing v panel thingy. Bike now weighs 136 grams than previously :joy:
    DSC_2506s.jpg DSC_2543s.jpg DSC_2545s.jpg
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  16. Did you try the old feeler gauge trick before hand ?
  17. I’m not aware of this trick, could you elaborate?
  18. 'Re-seat' the lip? I vaguely remember doing such, long ago, on something like a camshaft seal.
  19. You slide a feeler gauge blade up under the fork seal and work your way around the fork stanchion with the blade at an angle as though your sawing at a downward slant.
    I used to do this on my EXC’s
    You can now get a tool for this purpose.
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