So, How Nutty Are We?

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  1. I am pro-Brexit, pro-Trump and I think that manmade climate change is a hoax

    4 vote(s)
  2. I am pro-Brexit, pro-Trump and am worried about manmade climate change

    7 vote(s)
  3. I am pro-Brexit, loathe Trump and I think that manmade climate change is a hoax

    4 vote(s)
  4. I am a Remainer, pro-Trump and I think that manmade climate change is a hoax

    1 vote(s)
  5. I am a Remainer, pro-Trump and am worried about manmade climate change

    0 vote(s)
  6. I am a Remainer, loathe Trump and am worried about manmade climate change

    24 vote(s)
  1. I apologise in advance that the poll does not reflect all available options. It should have done - my mistake. Must have been too late at night when I created it. Should have planned it out in Excel in advance. Sorry!

    Well, we all agree that Ducatis are great. That's why we own them, that's why we feel close enough to the brand to participate in a Ducati forum.

    But aside from our bike choice, what do we have in common?

    Here is a poll that addresses 3 of the most polarising issues of the time. The idea came from the Brexit thread. Naturally we all assume that those who don't share our views are bonkers (those that don't share mine actually are...). We can take that as read. I'm just interested in finding out who we are as a community.

    The answers are anonymous - you won't even have to own up to being nutty.
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  2. Fekkin' Ducati's - don't get me on that subject :mad:
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  3. Doh!...…. :eyes:
  4. I've not been able to cast accurately as I am pro Brexit. I don't loathe Trump, do think he's a cock, but also like his non politician approach to things.
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  5. Stop sitting on the fence. You are either glad he's president or you're not. You'd either vote for him or you wouldn't. Tick the closest box - I dare you!
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  6. I am pro Brexit, I have a neutral opinion of Trump, I believe in climate change (as the climate changes a lot) but I think a very small degree is down to man (due to scientific evidence and available climate history)
    So I couldn't join in other than these 3 posts - soz buddy :worried:
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  7. You’ve caught me right out

    I was just about to raid the fridge for leftover sticky toffee pudding

    I’m not sure now
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  8. More fence-sitting. Pro-Brexit. Simples. You'd either vote for Trump or you wouldn't. You don't think that man has much effect on the climate, therefore manmade climate change is a hoax. So, not so difficult, eh?
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  9. I like trump, i voted remain but was happy to get the leave vote, on brexit im not on the fence, i want to be out but am afraid its a bad idea, its like... i want to be able to fly but fear jumping from the plane without a shoot might kill me. If we get to revote i think ill vote out but who knows, my remain vote was decided on in the voting booth, for an uneducated moron its a difficult choice.

    Climate change? Yeah im pretty sure we are killing the planet but dont think we can change that so may as well enjoy our remaining air.

    Edit #1. I think trumps a prick but he is trying to do what he promised, i love that, even if i dont like the person.

    Edit #2. Climate change... i dont like killing animals but love eating meat, so greed, selfishness and laziness makes me care little about the climate, plus i find huge hypocracy in climate change warriors, like the leaflets the green party have been sending me.
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  10. Pro the peoples majority democratic vote to leave the eu
    Never said Trump was ever presidential but given the choices the Americans had, he's certainly the best of the two choices
    Climate change, which is different from global warming which is a politicians money maker, Climate change is the planets own growth and cycles. Humans have not created those but they can speed up or slow down the cycles the planet has
  11. I must admit that that I hadn't factored in the “climate change is real but I couldn’t give a fuck about it” view. It seemed strangely counter intuitive!

    Now get off the fence and vote!
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  12. I’ll help you out.
    Pro-Trump (given the choices)
    Human made climate change is bunk.

    You have been arguing these points, vehemently, over at least three threads.
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  13. How does the nutty rating work ?
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  14. There is no nutty rating. Essentially you decide that whoever doesn’t share your views must be nuts. Works for us all.
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  15. i love the UK, i love the way we do politics, the selfless pulling and shareing, the people striving to conduct their civic duty. the way we show the world thats there is a better, more careing way.

    yip, i is fuggin bonkers alright.
    screw trump. i dont beleive that he is draining the swamp. just changing the inhabitants.
    anti brexit. within the UK, i know it reduces my representation.
    i beleive in man made climate change. i can do the math.
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  16. sigh of relief on the results so far
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  17. You missed out "ad nauseam".
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  18. It's maths fin, maths ! Blimey, one minute your giving trump your golf courses and the next your are giving him your S's
  19. fair do's. but on this thread, its not up for trol, oop's, sorry, debate. :upyeah:
  20. He's nutty :bucktooth: