So I Dropped In For A Battery ...

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  1. The store was on the way home. The 1098S had not been holding charge so well and I had got my value.

    The shiny new things were on display, the standout not being shiny but in a matt black. Salesman comes over "We have a demo of that fitted with the bi-directional quickshifter. It's just been out, I've got the keys here".

    I hadn't ridden an inline four for a decade. So off I went, nearly stalling at each take off due to the comparative lack of torque. So where's the 202 hp? I roll the throttle on and I'm sitting still in a magnificently rendered video game, snicking gears instantly whilst the scenery just melts. But I'm not on a track so I grab some brakes and holy shit snap back to reality with minimal pressure.

    OK so it goes and it feels light but cornering? It's a bit of a ride to find some twisties but rationality exited with the accel/deceleration. Through the curves this thing makes you feel like you are so much more capable than what you are. It is planted. And that shifter combined with the slipper, you just brake later and later and the thing doesn't get unsettled. Wind on at the glimpse of exit and the front lofts a little, touches down and it's time to downshift/brake again.

    I look at my watch and I've been out half an hour so I head back and hand over the keys.

    I pick it up Friday with an Akra carbon slip on and some add ons from the catalogue.

    I forgot to get the battery. And the Mrs won't look at me. But in my head I'm still reliving that ride.
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  3. Ahh so that's why they keep passing me with ease

    I'll continue to tell my self this no matter what

    Enjoy the starship, whatchout for plod sounds fantastic
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  4. Those sales guys will catch us all given a chance!

    Looks like a great bike and sounds like its very fun to ride. Enjoy.
  5. When I had a 929 Blade people took the piss over the large can on it, saying that it looked like a cannon. But that Gixxer - strewth, that can is taking it to a whole new level! Hopefully you will be replacing it with something more tasteful... :)
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  6. Great bikes !
  7. Think the gixxer cans look big? 2019 zzr 1400

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  8. It looks like a traffic cone inserted into a stubby.. :scream:
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  9. You keeping the 1098?
  10. The can is the best thing about that bike! :eek:
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  11. Gixxers rock!
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  12. Have a soft spot for Gixers. Owned 4 different models over the decades. Aaaaaahh, fond memories.
  13. First rule of bike testing - never ever take a credit card or bank card with you. :D
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  14. Can't ride any of them, but I can sit and stare :)

    IMG20190517155245 (2).jpg IMG20190517155457 (2).jpg IMG20190517173638 (2).jpg
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  15. I’ve ALWAYS wanted a gixxer but I got sucked in to Ducati ownership and would struggle to move away. If I ever get the chance to own a second bike a gixxer will be it. Congratulations :)

    Ps I dropped in for a clutch slave cylinder and left with a monster 1200 r. My wife won’t talk to me either. Unexpected bonus!
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  16. Imho having ridden now the s1000r, owned a k6 1000 and an older 1000 blade, the gixer is as close as I’ve found to a Ducati in its characteristics when ridden. Loads of low down and midrange.

    From what I’ve heard, the Big Bang r1 is also very similar
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  17. Great bikes, after the purchase of the 916, I'm now after a K5 gixxer thou...
  18. I tried hunting one for 6 months but none passed muster unfortunately.