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Featured So...new To Me Track Bike

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by carson, Nov 8, 2020.

  1. So there’s been a few changes in the last year with the bikes. A year ago I bought a gen 3 Beemer for track having totally fallen in love with my gen 4 beemer and to be honest it was a bit of a disaster.
    Loads of small issues that ultimately pissed me off when I just couldn’t get the handling to suit me and a canbus issue that saw me lose out on pretty much 2 days at Portimao and a day at Almeria meant I’d lost interest and love for it...but was was to replace it?

    loads of train of thought and ultimately I wanted to track my gen 4 Beemer but it’s such a good road bike. I looked at another gen 4 but the budget wasn’t quite there and then there’s the track prep on top.
    In the end I went for a 2016 R1 with the following spec:

    Stock motor (important on these I feel)
    Pipe werx link pipe and end can.
    CRC Racing fairings
    Brand new spair set complete set of CRC fairings inc seat unit and extended full tank cover. ( unfitteded and not sprayed).
    Keyless ignition
    Domino quick action throttle
    Brembo RCS 19 front cylinder with folding lever.
    STP clip ons
    Bitubo steering damper
    Carbon frame and swing arm covers
    PP tuning rear sets.
    PP tuning brake guard
    GB Racing covers
    K-Tech rear shock
    MCT reworked front forks with cartridges and springs.
    AFB keyless top yoke
    Lightech chain adjusters
    Lightech rear stand lifters
    Translogic Quickshifter and blipper.
    F.I Tune ECU flash
    Moto Holders ECU cover.
    Braided lines front and back
    Moto holders carbon front Intake and dash mount.
    Carbon front fender
    525 chain and sprockets.

    There were loads of bikes for sale, some that looked better spec’d on paper but I had my reasons for staying away. The guy I bought this off owns Vanguard Motorsports and offered to run the bike up in front of me on his dyno to prove it, which isn’t something you always get to see. I just got a good feeling about it and it looks like it’s been well taken care of.

    97A5616B-81A9-43DC-987F-8B84FAE07B8D.jpeg AE045A7F-21BE-437E-A26C-C1B2D088C0DD.jpeg 0925218B-4A37-441B-99FB-85B709E75B48.jpeg 34067734-1A20-4AE8-931C-577D021DA400.jpeg D965EE9A-D729-4B2A-8D5F-818ED08B65E3.jpeg 33E862FA-091C-485A-9DDB-E0A374288652.jpeg 04E5B079-1651-4EC6-8999-34E635CD5AE4.jpeg F749A965-2A80-45A5-B2EC-7877F577928D.jpeg 2202AEE9-A1B9-4960-8635-59375B597E1A.jpeg 9A68B19F-C62D-43E7-9B19-6569D2794C19.jpeg 92CC5435-0C83-4004-B770-425BAAADC33D.jpeg 301A5D82-45C9-44C4-9214-D6E822907025.jpeg

    Going to change the can for an Akra that I’ve bought and I might change the calipers depending on how I get on with the brakes, but apart from that, I’m looking forward to Almeria with it in February.
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  2. Alright Rob! Wish I could join you in Feb... if things fall right I’ll head down in the van. Depends if this Covid bollox has blown over a bit... not so sure.

    Bike looks ace. Or it will when you get that fekin bazooka replaced :laughing::upyeah:
  3. Aye it’s a bit big but it’s the only way you can get them through UK days when the cats removed. I’m leaving it in Spain so won’t make any difference to me.
    I know you’re not a fan of circuito de pikey but I’m off to Cartagena in the middle of March too hopefully
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  4. If I had a £ for every bmw I’ve seen having problems !

    good choice. Nice r1
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  5. Think I’ve finally got to the bottom of all of mines with the gen 4 now that bmw replaced the carbon wheels with a set of forged items for free.
    I wasn’t prepared to go down the same route of having issues at every trackday with the gen 3 as well.
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  6. I do think the forge wheels should be available optional at no extra cost.

    carbon wheels scare the shit out of me and anyone buying one as a race bike or indeed a track bike largely won’t want carbon
  7. If I’d known what I know now about the gen 4 then I’d have bought the standard sport model and just added the performance and dynamic packs. That way you’d have had forged wheels instead of carbons and the only difference between an M Sport would be the seat and paint job
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  8. I can’t fault BMW really. They replaced the cracked carbon wheel with a new one (second rear wheel failure) then gave me a set of forged wheels with new discs, sprocket carrier etc. The brand new carbons are in a box in the garage never been fitted.
  9. Almeria Feb 11th? If so, see you there on this.

    You won't miss it :p

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  10. Is it the 11th you're going Rob? @carson
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  11. I’d have done the same with mine. I’d have bought the stock V4 and spent the ‘savings’ on suspension.
  12. We’re going to Almeria on the 20th for 5 days. Plan is 2 days on the track then a night on the pop, day off then another 2 days on track followed by more pop
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  13. I bought a seton tweaked R1 for fun last year . It was just wonderful. I’m old school with no electrics on my bikes so this was a real experience and just loved it.
    And the noise ...........
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  14. I've got a 2016 R1M for track use.....it's ace!!
  15. The sound off them is pretty awesome. There’s not many better sounding bikes although the RSV4 comes close
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  16. Nice bikes.
    Do you know who made the carbon wheels
    for BMW?
  17. Yeah I don’t think Thyssen Krupp made the gen 4 wheels either
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