749 So Sorry I Had To Sell.........

Discussion in '749 / 999' started by andyt749, May 18, 2017.

  1. Absolutley gutted......
    After months of conditioning to try to stop the back pain i have had to give in an sell my baby, last May I had spinal surgery, some of you may remember the morphine filled posts from my bed!!! Due to only being able to manage 20mins tops before having to dismount, the wife not allowing more than little red in the garage and not wanting to give up on riding altogether i have passed her on to a fellow forum member of whom im sure will introduce his new ride soon!!
    With all the above said i now own a Honda....... yep a Honda! got to say, the comfort and the fact i get to keep the 2 wheeled part of me alive, its a great bike...... dont heckle too loud but here's a pic o_O, now if i don't get kicked off the forum for this i will be checking in regular as you all make a fantastic place to chill, join in and of course get wound up!! WIN_20170509_19_14_19_Pro.jpg
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  2. :grinning:

    20 mins isn't bad for a man of your age. :)
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  3. Paint it red and it'll get past loads of members, but most importantly it'll get past @Ducbird :)
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  4. :eek:
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  5. I had a cb1000r a while back! Crackin bike, im sure youll love it!
  6. With your knowledge of tyres, Andy, who would kick you off :cool: sure you will love the 'onda, at least you can still ride
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  7. Nothing to be ashamed of there - it looks fast, and loud! I really hope that the change in riding position makes a fundamental difference to how long you remain comfortable; I am coming to the conclusion that it simply isn't true that one can adapt to a low, forward leaning riding stance once certain age-related deterioration has started to take hold.
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  8. It's not red and your always welcome here good to see you riding whatever it is

    I know a good sprayer who likes red ;)
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  9. Great to see you've got your new steed and can be back out enjoying this drizzly spring we're having!

    The 749 is being well looked after while exploring as much of Surrey as possible during the sunnier spells!

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  10. Ahhhhh, there she is! Hope your enjoying her as much as i did.....
    It's quite funny, i'm more comfortable but nobody waves any more!!! :worried:
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  11. :eek:
  12. Welcome back.

    What do you think of Rosso 3's?
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  13. Good on yer,keep on biking as long as you can.Bike looks fine