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So what have you done today..?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by figaro, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Seeing as the weather turned crappy, I decided to mount a full scale assault on the shed in order to intall a worktop and tool station wot I nicked:wink:


    Much better!


    But that's just the tip of the iceberg...I've got this lot to shift before I can get both bikes in...


    So what have you lot been up to then..?
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  2. Not much have laryngitis at the mo so it's quiet in our house so having forum time and revelling in all things ducati with you guys and gals
  3. Erm.....thought about cleaning the bike, considered sorting the garage, looked at installing my air compressor and hoist in the garage, talked about emptying the crap out of the van........etc......etc.....

    F*ck all when I think about it....but I did think about it.

    Just having a few pints while watching the rugby now.....Bollocks it's half time and my round....again.
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  4. I'm full of cold and feeling pretty rubbish and not left sofa much at all. So very little achieved today.
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  5. figaro .I like your style you obviously dont like to throw anything away and anything you see on your travels that could come in handy in the future ends up in your garage . How do I know this ? . Mines the same at least once a year and then theres a big clean out ready for more worldly goods .

    P.S. thats the finest wiring i`ve seen in quite a few years.
  6. Driven to Scottish Corner and back, all for a couple of pairs of boots.
  7. Mmmmm,I think bolt croppers say so much about a person.
  8. How do you think I nicked the tool station..?
  9. There again Ive just spotted the tin of Roses.
  10. Took the bike to get chain and sprockets fitted, sorted mothers day present out while that was getting done, then went home and flew various helicopters in conflicts around the world for about 4 hours.
  11. Went through some of my parts .. Did household drudgery .
    Nipped up to see a mate , haven't had a decent meal in weeks so brought a ruby ,
    now can't eat it :) was going out but the weather is dire and my house feels cosy :)
  12. Spent all day re-arainging both daughters bedrooms, flat pack furniture don't you just love it !!!
    Just sat down with a chinese meal and a beer while watching Johnathan Ross, the weekend can only get better
    Off on Monday so hopefully be out for a spin
  13. Spent a bit of time in the garden planting out my spuds and carrots, then watched the F1 qualifying recorded from the early hours.
  14. Seeing as I seem to be in a worky mood today, and I can't be arsed to go down the pub (they've got some irish diddly diddly band on to celebrate Paddy's day, but never do anything to celebrate St George's day:mad:), I decided to give all my boots a clean. This is only half the collection...

  15. Booked the bike in for a service and schemed a bit. Good day really.
  16. Took my youngest to clarinet lesson, had lunch then went to his first ever clarinet concert, (better than the ones at school where you just sit there thinking I will never get this hour of my life back). All respect to West Sussex Music teachers they got all the kids to really work hard and had them really inspired.
  17. Watched the rugby
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  18. Made some raised beds in the garden for the Mrs
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  19. Walked the dogs....

    Cycled 25 miles on the new Bianchi...

    Bought a loo seat - yeah, really....

    Walked the dogs, again...

    Watched the Rugby...

    Chilled :0)
  20. Success!:biggrin:

    Okay, it ain't pretty, but at least I can get both bikes in the shed now:upyeah:



    Next week: Fix the leaky roof and sort out the crap on the shelves...
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