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So what have you done today..?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by figaro, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. What did you have?
  2. For starters - Fried padron peppers with sea salt

    Main course - Crispy beef salad, sweet chilli sauce, roasted cashew nuts

    Dessert - 3 scoops of Cheshire Farm ice cream…….honeycomb, raspberry ripple and vanilla flavoured

    Pint of Guinness and half a bottle of Malbec :)
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  3. batons de Roi Edwards Avec sel de mer. 2 ouefs sur plat. Pain avec buerre. Magnum a la almond.
    250 ml the au lait Sucre.
    That’s living.
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  4. Played golf with Dad and a buddy at Woodspring , followed by a cider at the 19th , went with the wife to our first dance lesson this term followed by a Costa on the way home .
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  5. Sounds great. I’d substitute the Guinness for the rest of that bottle of wine though!
  6. I need another coffee now, to get the distant memory of the taste of Guinness out of my mind.
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  7. 20210923_122505[1].jpg Good luck chaps.
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  8. Martin Lewis had a live show about this last night on ITV with some good advice
    Check it out on catch up
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  9. Couldn’t resist
    Kitkat muffin and coconut vanilla latte :)

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  10. Always good to have a treat. Hope they lived up to expectation. Andy x
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  11. Is that latte like mixing coke and cherryade?

    Actually, while I often get lemon shower gel, my preferred shampoo/conditioner is coconut/vanilla :thinkingface:
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  12. Driven home from the Cotswolds.

    And now having lunch and a lovely cup of tea. The water is much nicer here than where we were staying. Fact.
  13. Sure did :yum
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  14. Challenging times today as i needed a bike with fuel in it for that all important rideout.Lol
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  15. Fuel tanker could not get into one supermarket today to fill up tanks because the road in was blocked by dick heads panic buying!
    Same dickheads.with lofts insulated with toilet rolls!
    More I see humans…..
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  16. Tan Hill. That brings back memories. My brother organised a weekend away - me from Somerset him from London. I know this great pub he says , highest pub in England great beer and food lovely views. We both trooped up from our respective locations one Friday after work.
    Arrived and went into bar rubbing hands and drooling ….

    hi, yep this is our last night as owners said the bar person , the new owners take over from tomorrow so we have been running down the beer and all we have is Fosters….

    what about food? Well they said we have got some frozen pizzas…..

    he was right, it did have lovely views….

    great choice bruv.

    justice was seen. Next day when we set off. He forgot about his disc lock and crunched his carbon mudguard on his Boxercup replica.
    I can expressed suitable levels of sympathy in between gales of laughter.
    That and the freaking sheep sleeping in the middle of the road. Bizarre.
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  17. Back to uni today, I'm an old student, just trying to learn. Brilliant to see people for real, rather than on teams. It was a nice day.
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  18. Rode to whitby. Ate fish and chips. Rode home.
    Wheelie control may have been activated ;)
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  19. What are you studying?
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  20. They're queuing already at 7am this morning when i'd my food shopping.:mad:
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