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So what have you done today..?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by figaro, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. I've finally reached the pump at my local Esso petrol station.

    You should see the queues. It has taken over an hour and I'm getting emotional…

    I'm starting to fill up here…..
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  2. What a crazy world we live in today and you probably would've spent a £10 on petrol queuing.I don't watch the news these days but apparently i hear all the truck drivers have gone back home, i'm just not sure i believe that line from the government.
  3. so far today dropped my lad at work then had to get some fuel silly orange light on dash says there is a fuel shortage in my tank
    2 petrol stations to find any diesel sainsburys was busy but not queuing for miles in and out in 15 mins no spend limit so enough in tank for work for the week then home for a cuppa
  4. Studying an MSc in Construction Project Management at Queen’s in Belfast. Doing it part time, into 2nd and final year. Thanks for asking.
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  5. What No gasoline available today.
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  6. Drove to the gym in Sport Plus mode, to burn as much petrol as possible, as I filled up on Wednesday and the car does about 400 miles on a tank, and I do 40 miles a week in it.

    Had a race with a Porsche this afternoon, much to the horror of everyone trying to save petrol all around us.

    And no, I will NEVER grow up.
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  7. Went to Oulton for the BSB and had a cracking day out.
    Racing and weather was fantastic.

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  8. Coast to coast on the tuono
    Weather held up too:)
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  9. Up early to have my COVID-19 booster vaccine - 6 months and 1 day since my second jab. Had it in the right arm as the left arm had a flu jab on Thursday - now have two sore arms :)
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  10. Yesterday I went for a Walk around an 18thc building site

    And then this little piggy went for a nice meal at The Pig
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  11. Moved camp C624357B-94E1-4D17-9746-E70226E14C95.jpeg
    Pretty quiet here!
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  12. Most people are in their cars driving around looking for fuel...
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  13. IMG_20210925_171129.jpg
    Fitted new rubber to the old girl... I can tell she's still a bit of a kinky one.. and waiting for her next thrashing.

    Can't wait!
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  14. Went out on the Panigale with friends. Had fun :)

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  15. Picked up a motor home for a long weekend away for our wedding anniversary. Nice time so far, staying near Poole in Dorset. Caught the bus for the first time in twenty years went to Poole Quay today. Selfies might need some work.
    Nice couple of walks with the dogs. Happy times.




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  16. Finished off my wife's little bedsit that had been comprehensively trashed by the last tenant :(

    To be fair the plumbers had been working to a tight schedule - but left on Friday having forgotten to reattach the bathroom door and the shower splash guard. They also took my brand new tarpaulin (which we put down to protect the new carpet) and my brush and dustpan are also missing! The did however leave a half eaten bag of McCoys thai chilli crisps in the airing cupboard!

    So door, splash guard and new shower curtain rail fitted - I hate drilling into a tiled wall but managed to not cock it up!

    New tenant (someone we know) moves in tomorrow and the builder will get the balance of the bill once he returns my tarpaulin :laughing:
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  17. Just because you know him or she, make sure you tie them down legally just incase it goes pear shaped.
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  18. Out of interest does that thing wheelie with that extra weight on the rear end.:thinkingface:
  19. bit rude..
    "it"? :thinkingface:
  20. Just saying people let their guard down when it comes to family & friends, always bites them on the bum down the line.Imo
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