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So what have you done today..?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by figaro, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Booked my booster vaccination for next month.
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  2. Cool……you’ll be able to book a holiday to China to go and eat bats and pangolins :upyeah:
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  3. Packing my bags as we speak!
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  4. If that is a referring to the South Park episode, he definitely wasn't eating them, but either way as it's China sure they won't care.
  5. Changed a kitchen tap for a client today which was stressful, as upside down in the cupboard trying to get those grips & spanners on the fecker.
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  6. have to do the same soon as a drip from a year ago is now an audible "dribble" (bath tap).
  7. That's even worse if no access.
  8. backache city, hence put it off so long. Might even cheat with flexi-pipes but prefer not to.
  9. Yeah i used those on the kitchen tap today as get out of jail card, but be careful they don't fold as this would be reducing the water feed flow for the water outlet.
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  10. Last day in Bath. A trip to the Roman baths, they really were a clever lot. Then afternoon tea in the 'pump rooms'.
    Decent drive home, just over 3 hrs. Moto GP later.



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  11. Nothing wrong with flexi pipes as long as they don't kink, nice smooth lines work.
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  12. Had short walk out with the bin.

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  13. Been to see the dental hygienist who tells me I need to see the guy who did my implant as there seems to be a problem, that I didn’t know about, and can’t tell either :rolleyes:

    Spent the past hour vacuuming whilst SWMBO does the rest of the cleaning around the house.

    Now having a latte before we go out for lunch then go to Leeds to pick the grandchildren up from school :)
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  14. You don't have a basin wrench? They're cheap and frankly make the job possible.
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  15. Well handy
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  16. Did a bit of gardening .
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  17. Book work.
    Seemingly more than the accountant!
  18. I've all the tools plus many more for other applications.:upyeah:
  19. A32B19E4-D802-4E74-A4C8-F83487B946A8.jpeg

    bit “Lah di dah “for me, ^ but what the hell.
    now I see that, I know I bought one but can't remember where it is, it even has the 90 deg flip facility from memory.

    Had a really good ride on Ugly No 2 today, only 30 miles but bike rode well - I think the ear plugs helped as I probably worry less about the loud exhaust.
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