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So what have you done today..?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by figaro, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Yep…….slate chippings linking the two patio areas

    9BD3AA09-81FC-4CE8-9C4C-C3BBB9EA92D0.jpeg 141F4E52-142C-46C5-BBA7-EA66ACA7A246.jpeg
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  2. so got the results immediately as they use ultrasound and it took around 10 minutes. I think they flagged this up because I had unusually high blood pressure spiking in the last 6 weeks and i'm normally very low and so for the record:-

    It's a "once only" check unless you don't meet the criteria and that is - owning an aorta that is more than 3 inches in diameter, mine was 1.7 inches.

    Thank you everyone for all the kind messages.

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  3. Me too. There never any weeds growing through either which is not the case with gravel in my experience.
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  4. i'm going to need some pruning and general garden upkeep tips soon Jez. :):upyeah:I will have a cruise on YouTube at some time maybe. At the risk of hardened biker members having a fit - I would almost think there's room for a dedicated thread on here! it's friendlier than politics and when you get to "our" (av. on here) age, you start to realise that at the end of the day nature* is one of the only things that will continue waaay past our blink-of-an-eye lifespans.

    * not gonna get all "Greta", but here's hoping. :beer:
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  5. Greta - she certainly tells it how she sees it

  6. Glad to see your ok Chris.
    It sounds like you had an AAA test (ultra sound). In Wales you get called up at 65 then I think every 2 yrs after that, but if you are over the guide lines they take your driving licence off you until you have it rectified.
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  7. Although it’s wet and miserable out there I’m going out for a couple of hours on the Scrambler :)
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  8. Thought about going out on the SS but it’s too wet and miserable
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  9. Swiss are back at Leeming for a couple of weeks
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  10. Lucky so far with the weather
    It’s quite warm out grey clouds are moving over sun is still trying to shine
    I’m sat outside having a coffee :)

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  11. Enjoy. Andy x
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  12. just scraped through (MOT), and still a mystery/can't pin it down easily and looks as though it was one of those "sum of it's parts" type things but still irritating when you can't say "black and white" what's causing something. That self-adjust mechanism on nearly all the current Volkswagens/Seats/Skodas leaves a bit to be desired particularly if the rear piston on brake slave cylinder starts to get "lazy". I remember older systems where pulling handbrake on hard would produce a result every time. Having said all this, I wouldn't want to be responsible for this design or even come up with a better one.
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  13. Finally managed to get hold of a “round toit” and fixed 2 fire extinguisher brackets to the garage wall to support the extinguishers that have been languishing on the garage floor for the last 6 months. After a spot of lunch, just might see if I have another “round toit” and get the air line water traps mounted on the garage wall as well :joy: Andy
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  14. Let the plumber in, new pump on the boiler, cooked supper, joint effort with some mates over the road.
    Should be alright
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  15. 793FD647-DCE8-46FA-A9EB-AD7DC767B34F.jpeg 43ED9EB4-25D7-4EC7-A0F4-5F7FFA237B29.jpeg 3A49D773-E0C5-43DC-927C-CFF8167BFB4C.jpeg Evening sky

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  16. Played a nine hole match play at Woodspring with the bro-in law .
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  17. Here’s a picture of myself tripping up outside my office, doing a commando role in front of van…..

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  18. Viv, nextime can we've the selfie with you on the broomstick.:p
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  19. Went to the beach.

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