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So what have you done today..?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by figaro, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Toolstation customers come in all shapes and sizes these days.
  2. New S22’s today ready for Donners Tuesday.



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  3. Went to the agricultural show in Belfast yesterday
    It takes place on the site of the former Maze Prison
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  4. During the winter my local Kawasaki dealer who I’ve been a customer of for many years, bought the shop next door and opened a cafe so though it would be rude not to, coffee, bacon sandwich and watching the NW :upyeah:
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  5. Dropped the 996 at cornerspeed for service and belts
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  6. Did they let you've a turn or not.:thinkingface:
  7. Went to Matlock Bath on the scrambler. Had fish and chips in the sun. Rode over 150 miles today so that the service light came on so that it can be serviced/ecu tuned for the Termis next week :upyeah:

    Now sat in the garden sunbathing :)
  8. Out of interest how much is the dealer asking for the Elefant?
  9. Cut the grass and done a few bits and pieces around the house, then just got the jag up on stands so the wheels can go for refurb and new tyres next week.

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  10. Thought we might be in for some tractor porn.......

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  11. Like the car and the reg JP, only just fits in the garage though. :upyeah:
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  12. Yes, it has to touch the back wall and there’s about 30mm between the bumper and the door!
  13. Watched the final Le Mans Motogp fifteen minutes qualifying, a little bit in the garden but no rides out today.
  14. Went to the gym first thing, took the bike out for a spin, full English, then made pizzas when I got home.

    DF4C68B0-4F5A-449F-BB06-2DAE82EF2A1F.jpeg 0F8A17A7-31D1-44A9-BE21-627B022AC82D.jpeg 2858CE6F-815C-4583-B3D6-0C64A35D2B77.jpeg 1BFF7DB4-27BA-4D34-B9CD-0AE2426FEBB6.jpeg 0395B515-7BEE-4380-978E-36B4AC154305.jpeg
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  15. Ha! I train so hard, nothing I eat or drink even touches the surface. :upyeah:
  16. Another four years based on your 46 years in the avatar, then it all goes shite.:D
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  17. It’s been shite most of my life tbh, but I’ve pulled things around, and won’t be going back.
  18. £10, 750, it is a very rare bike (think 1000 world wide?) Looked a well used example, really not sure of values of these. Remember a absolute minter hanging around ebay forever at £12k
    Seem to be about half that in Europe at moment.
  19. Today I pulled into A1 Apple Green service station on Superlight & beautiful lady on supercharged Kawasaki smiled & waved to me, turns out was Ruby Rides of Instagram fame.
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