So Who Do We Get As The New Pm Then? And Who Would You Prefer It To Be?

Discussion in 'Speakers Corner' started by fight the streets fmd, May 23, 2019.

  1. So who is it going to be and if that’s not your preference, who would you like it to be, even if it is unlikely to happen?
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  2. None of them, but Boris just to piss off Dukey :):upyeah:
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  3. I'd like a Bonobo chimp, I am sure he/she would do a better job than any of the obvious candidates.
  4. Theyre all utter biffs. Dont matter who we get, theyll be just more of the same.
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  5. You nail it on the head, I can’t think of anyone at all from the current crop who stands out as a good leader, they are a bunch of useless........, ( fill in ), as they have proven for many years now!
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  6. Boris? A calamitous nincumpoop who excels only at incompetence and self interest. Well done. Swap one eejit for a lying toad. Its like the only choices are whether to be buggered or felched.
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  7. You missed the bit where it's only so that it pisses off dookie.
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  8. I am 95% certain it doesn't matter who we get as PM. We need a new Parliament, one which is grounded in reality and one which listens to the democratic will of the people.

    Without that, the identity of the PM matters not one bit.

    So, meh. Who cares.
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  9. And Bootsie too o_O
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  10. Has Chris Grayling put his name in the hat.

    What could possibly go wrong?
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  11. Larry the cat;)
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  12. he missed the hat

    The person I'd like probably wouldn't do it.

    You'd need someone who isn't in the current bag of snakes, who is respected throughout the party, is trusted throughout the party and beyond, is a proper brexiteer and could pull the party back together.

    Someone who doesn't go running to the media every 5 minutes, someone who the other parties would see as real prime minister material and could steady the ship internationally.

    He hasn't even suggested running nor has anyone else suggested him but Sir Graham Brady, the Chair of the 1922 committee would be my choice
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  13. Leave Booty alone.

    He is one of the few Scotchmen we have here who doesn't have rabies.
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  14. I have just read a suggestion (from Leave.EU) that a new PM, if they so choose, can lead the UK out of the EU on WTO terms without the agreement of Parliament.

    Imagine, if you will, we had a MSM in the UK where this idea was explored, honestly, with reference to the opinions of legal professionals*, who could shed light on this.

    It's times like this that you really miss having a functioning, worthwhile MSM.

    * come at me, bro
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  15. Noobie, for the record Chis Grayling wasn't a serious suggestion.........
  16. I know, that's why i joked he'd missed the hat
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  17. *cnuts

    What do I win? :)
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  18. Unless it's Corbyn though right?

    I mean I'm not one to worry, but PM Corbyn? o_O
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  19. Can we dig this fellow up and give him UK citizenship? :)

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