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Featured Soapylight V

Discussion in 'Builds & Projects' started by Sev, Jun 1, 2021.

  1. A very good friend of mine was emigrating back to Australia.

    As a hazardous goods HGV driver he did alright and amassed a nice collection of stuff, which has now all gone apart from the last two machines.

    Cutting a long story short, he wanted his sons to have his two remaining bikes as heirlooms. When No1 son asked if it was ok to flog it to pay for uni when he was old enough, he wasn't too impressed.

    That and the need to pay for a second shipping container made him have a think. He knew how much I'd loved my SS.

    He gave me a call, and offered me first refusal on both - based on the fact that the home they went to was more important than the final value. As long as it paid his tickets to oz he was happy.

    One kidney later (mine) , and the use of his works van he brought them darn saarf for me from that there sheffield..

    Superlight Serie V, number 231.

    Only 309 were made of the superlight V, and only 45 ended up in the UK in red.



    the other bike was his ongoing project.

    It was to be a track bike build. He's spent a lot of time trawling ebay etc in the past hunting down bits.

    The mag wheels will need to be refurbed, all the shocks rebuilt, and there is a full Arrows system with it with carbon tubes which have burn't through and need replacing as all the resin has burnt off - but none of this is a problem.

    the engine I know for a fact has done once round the block mileage (100 miles) and was put together by Geoff Baines. it's a bog stock biposto engine which may be going up for sale.

    To register it I would need a new frame and V5, as the current one it's wearing was replaced under warranty. It originally came from a 916sps. the owner had a paint flake issue, so being such a good customer, the dealership replaced without question.

    Thus, this frame can never go back on the road. There are no stamping at all on this frame.
    It's sat in his mate Mark's garage for eight years. Mark his friend is an amazing mechanic, and sadly is recovering from a stroke. A frame has now been sourced and one day it'll make its way down to me, but until then, it's all apart now and in boxes - Bit that's for another thread.





    Both were in need of lots of love. In truth, looking back they were probably overpriced for what they were, but I was helping a mate out.
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  2. But, back to the Superlight

    Fate... funny old thing innit...

    I was trawling through the bay looking for bits and bobs for something else, and as fate would have it I chanced upon one of those "I've bought buckets of shit and I don't know what I've got" blokes.

    You know, selling several hundred bits of tat from an old cardigan to margaret thatchers thatch hair kind of stuff.

    I was keeping my eye out for a set of link pipes which might work for the superlight as I had a set of termi end cans which I could put on there.

    One thing caught my eye, and it wasn't maggies thatch...

    "WE BELIEVE these to be from a monster 620, 1000ie." etc.

    I look at the photos and a I thought to myself... they're no monster pipes - I know those bends on the link pipe anywhere, and they were definitely not monster.

    I made a very cheeky low ball offer and two days later he accepted. colour me happy.

    They arrived and as I suspected they were a full fat proper set of Termignoni carby SS high level pipes - I was so happy I nearly got a chubby.

    While I was trawling through some boxes I found my old half clutch cover so that's on there as well. So on they went.



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  3. So, first thing was first, and a pain free brake caliper checking, cleaning and bleeding experience followed.

    I had some clutch plates from my old SS but taking the clutch apart I found that it was a bit of mish mash and the concave discs had pretty much gone past their best, so with that in mind I ordered a full kit of NEWFREN plates were bought.

    I've used newfren before and I like them, and they're half the price of the Surflex plates, which are amazeballs but your bike will go through them like sweets just being parked up.

    I wanted to fit an alloy basket and hub at a later date but it's not high on the list at the moment till I'm confident I wanted to makes sure that the rest of it was all sound.

    Armed with a Dynojet kit to fit on it and a K&N filter at the ready, I was good to go. For 15 quids I managed to find an airbox lid, which is nice as I can cut it down but make it look nice for the open filter experience and preserve the original part. I wasn't going to make the mistake I made on my old SS where I sacrificed or sold off parts when fitting other stuff - which is why the bike had to go in its entirety - that and this is a proper superlight so any mods will always allow the thing to go back to standard.

    The banjo bolts on the oil lines all need replacing, and I ordered a new chain and sprockets as it was still wearing the one it left the factory with in '95. After 25 years and 16,000 miles she deserved a treat.

    Under the tank was a nice odessey battery - beast of a thing, kin heavy but safer on one of these than a lithium until I change the reg/rec which was notoriously fickle, charge naff all and then give your battery a back payment with interest all in one hit. These things used to eat batteries like I can do crumble.

    Belts were done as they were last changed in 2005.

    Initially I thought I'd have to brave stripping the carbs as it wasn't firing - but that proved to be just low fuel in the tank at the end of it all - the pump though submerged has an outlet which was orientated wrongly and when I put it right it was barely touching the fuel. - that was a relief, and all thanks to a pair of fresh telephonic eyeballs from @Chris

    So a quick squirt of wd in mouths and off we went...

    Ducati clutches, honestly I just fucking love them, the janglier and rattlier the clutch the better.

    I was happy.

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  4. So... now that it ran, I had to investigate why the rear brake caliper was bound, and the master cylinder wasn't actuating.

    So... I ordered a master cylinder rebuild kit for the PS11...

    Well, before tearing down the master, I thought I'd just clean everything and flush everything through...

    The reservoir clip was on a large bulge in the line... which turned out to be....

    The cap from the reservoir pipe with a wee cut stanleyed into it ...

    I appologised to the machine spirit of the SL for having to have been in the hands of burger flippers before she came to the retirement home. I guess I'll save the kit for another day.
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  5. After much eyeballing and trawling the web for For the Superlight we have these:


    The front has some hand painted touch up so despite being near mint part of me wants to see if I can refurb them and repaint them in the proper colour.

    I would have sent them to TPCS but he already said he only has his powdercoat colour range and can't match the original marchesini gold.

    I also have a proper cagiva era lockset for it from the same vendor.

    By '96 the locksets had done away with the little elephant and cagiva era typeface even though the fairing was still wearing the decals.
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  6. And so one year ago this month she was booked into her MOT, and it passed, and so I ridded it and made broombahh noises and wrapped the soundtrack on overrun around me like a snuggly duvet.

    Compared to the 749, the riding position is best described as sitting at a dining table and both hands on the table at arms length.

    B roads it just loves.. stick it in third and just roll on and off the throttle.

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  7. The next step was for the Superlight to get her Dyno setup at Steve Jordan Motorcycles.

    Nothing major, just slip on pipes, open filter and dynojet kit, and while he was there, do the valve clearances as well.
    Steve is a real world dude, and doesn't chase horsepower, but chases a nice smooth curve.

    On the road it feels really good, pulls really strongly in the middle and no hesitation, and I also have induction roar as well. Much broombah - roombah - boombah..

    73.1hp at 6500rpm with max torque arriving at 5000.

    I was most happy.

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  8. Whilst trawling the internerd, I found in Italy a full spaghetti system, and I was all over it like a tramp on chips.

    Me and Mr Harpic needed to get medieval on it, and it needed some hanging straps and there seemed to be a lot of budgie grit type noise rattling about in one of them.

    They were sent off to MHP for referbishment and repair. I've tipped the six months stage so I need to give him a kick up the arse to start chasing them up.


    I've also managed to secure a nice pair of ST2 barrels with a view to doing the 944 piston kit. That and a lightweight flywheel and I've pretty much got my old SS back, apart from the flatties.

    Whilst I was thinking about this, I wonder if actually I prefer just a set of stupidly high compression pistons. Hi Comp engines always sound the nuts, and then all I have to do is hunt down a set of 39mm flatties. I've done the 41 thing.

    39's are great on the road and give a massive thump lower than the 41's which really love the higher end of the range.
    That and maybe a close ratio box from the later superbikes and I think we'll be cooking on gas.
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  9. After having put several tank fulls of miles on the Superlight I have to say that it never fails to make me smile.


    I was going to put the half fairing on but then I realised that I must have dreamed that I had the fitting brackets as buggered if I can find them. So another pair ordered to replace the ones I dreamed i had.

    In the meantime, I dug out some trinkets I managed to source some time ago. A proper lucky find in that there abroad place of Trumpsville as was.

    A lovely pair of proper correct for deesa bike Ducati Performance 900ss rearsets.


    And the tired old shock retired finally as well. It's done it's job and deserves a rest.


    Now all I need to do is give MHP a kick up the arse to hurry up and repair my full system - then again it's only been there since November.

    I've also got to do a tire swap from the original wheels onto these, but that won't be for another couple ot three weeks yet.

    The colour I got them done was in the original Marchesini Racing gold. I'm praying that in sunlight it looks ok, as indoors it just looks like MDF.
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  10. Next steps:

    Tyre swap.

    Chase Full system repair.

    I want to make a race style oil breather catch tank to take advantage of all that void space we have to play with under there.

    Revisit the wiring harness.
    I've got an ignitech and an M-unit blue which I saved from another project.
    The superlight gives me the luxury of relocating all my electrical gubbins under the seat hump. New wiring loom, new low impedance coils and high capacity leads should see me right, that should allow it to pull like a train.
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  11. Well done Sev, and thank you for uploading all the pictures.
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  12. Looking good Sev
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  13. Great thread, for great bikes.

    A quick question though. Can you describe, in your own words, the different sound that engines with high comp pistons make compared to those that do not? How do these changes relate directly or indirectly to the aforementioned broombah - roombah - boombah?
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  14. This question definitely merits a response.
    So, yes, they are in essence far more barky. So rather than a lazy brooombah - braaaahhhhh... brooooooooooommmm, you get more of a Braaahhhkhoom..braaahhkkkhoom.. brahhhh, baroooommmmbahhbrakkkk...

    The video below is of my original SS, that had the lightened flywheel, flatties, lightweight clutch and some high comp pistons.
    You'll notice just how much more urgent the tone is, and how much more barky it is on the rev. On overrun there's a really nice crackle. If the silencers were a pair of Devil silencers then it would have sounded like you were racing it in a cathedral.

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  15. [​IMG]
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  16. Ah Sev thank you for your quick response. After reading your previous post I was really worried. I had literally run out to my Ducati in the wooden garage, then ran back in again as I had forgotten the keys and once again back out. I gingerly stroked the start button and immediately my Ducati sprang into life.

    And there it was Braaahhhkhoom..braaahhkkkhoom.. brahhhh, baroooommmmbahhbrakkkk... Oh how I love this sound -especially with my new used slipper rattling louder than any snake ever has - but I digress. But did it mean that something was wrong? There was a distinct lack of melodious broombah - roombah - boombah...

    Of course you had no idea what was in my mind when I wrote that question. The sheer panic! No brooombah meant... What did it mean? Now I am relieved, all is as it should be and will be able to sleep well tonight.
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  17. Love this write up sev
    My favourite bikes so thank you
    Took me back to my Dizzy days :)
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  18. The rythmic broombah is more when you’re rolling. Overrun gives you full brumbhosity
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  19. I'm OK with the baroooommmmbahhbrakkkk.
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  20. A spot of good luck on those Terminoni's exhausts with a lot of jealousy from me you bastard.:punch:;)...i was on mine earlier this evening for a very brief period but enough for a happy fix until the next adventure outdoors.
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