Some Stunners Here

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  1. Arrived at John O Groats today on the 888 and came across these beasts, Stunning bikes and god does the v4 sound nice with the akra

    41347784_1931209733569046_8576586877321084928_n.jpg 41300386_235555253787208_3833911928393039872_n.jpg
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  2. Cooo. fair bit of moneys worth there...!
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  3. Spooky that they were all there when you turned up.
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  4. [​IMG]

  5. Was it a group of riders or a bike/magazine comparison test?
  6. The synchronised parking is a bit naff...

    Some nice bikes there though!
  7. Some asswipe joined in on a Kawasaki :joy:
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  8. The furthest of Speciale in the photo is been picked up in Inverness and heading back to dealership tonight, Dropping of a multi for him to use in mean time, Has been having electrical issues and the tail tidy snapped of and fcked the hugger, Theres been a good few issues with the V4 but the guy that took a little time to get crack was the ZX10 and Honda owners lol, Nice lads :)

    Don't know if I could spend £37k on one even if I had that sort of money, Is the Speciale an upgraded R or S??
  9. Thought this was be a thread about Exige's Euro harem. How disappointing.
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  10. Not so speciale, more like commoniale......Lol
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