Somewhere Safe Stratford? Long Shot For Tm

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by bradders, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. I'm off to Snetterton tomorrow night and no where I can park with my trailer at work so looking like home, hitch then 4hr journey at 7pm rather than 3hr one at 5...

    Anywhere local that's safe enough to leave my bike on a trailer?
  2. Pm'd you
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  3. If simmytt doesn't work out and you can get to mine, you can stay here overnight Tuesday and then run to Snett on Wednesday morning - Snett is an hour from here. If it is any use.

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  4. cheers Al, I'd love to have. Simon has been good enough to help me out, means I may get to snetterton before all the garage space has gone!! You popping over? there fore two days, a decent handful of epee from here :upyeah:
  5. I doubt I will get there..........I'm working on a lot of things at home and I want to get them done asap, plus I have to go to the quacks (again).

    BTW.....what has a fencing sword got to do with your track days? Are you going to ride around like Boudicca?
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  6. Now, you see, when I type e these things and press 'reply' they make sense. I am sure, between 'reply' and appearance something happens in the severs that changes the words.
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  7. Anyway - if you get stuck out this way on the way to or back from Snetterton, it is only 35 - 38 miles depending on which route and just over 60 minutes away. Admittedly it puts you a bit off course on your way here or home, but the A14 is only a few miles away too.
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  8. Proof positive!! That stray e wasn't there when I checked and rechecked before posting....and that said SERVERS : unamused: