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For Sale Speed Triple 1050 - £3990

Discussion in 'Other Bikes For Sale' started by MrAliT, Jul 20, 2019.

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  1. After 9 years of ownership I'm reluctantly selling my lovely, pristine Speed Triple.

    If you've ever looked at these you'll know there are some tatty bikes out the but this ones is superb condition with a brilliant spec.

    Its a 2005, 1050 in jet black with twin arrows, full Maxton suspension (yes, it's a good as they say) as well as pixie fairing, belly pan and pillion seat cover. Pazzo shorty levers, Rizona brake fluid reservoirs, k&n air filter, black, flat Renthal bars, upgraded black Nissin calipers and second stage tail tidy. Its also got black powder coated foot pegs and rad guards and has Metzler M7RRs on with a brand new (less than 100 miles) rear.

    It's been meticulously cared for with ACF50 used regularly and even has the Triumph Motorcycles tool kit under the seat. There are a few stone chips (on the pixie, one on the belly pan and a couple on the tank) that I've tried to show in the pictures but those are the only blemishes on an otherwise immaculate bike.

    It's covered 20,037 miles and has a full service history. I've maintained the bike myself with regular documented oil and filter changes as well as brake fluid and lubrication of bearings etc. I took it for the 12,000 mile service to Total Triumph in Taunton to get the valve clearances done as well as a full service so it has the dealer stamp and receipt for that major service. I also changed the spragg clutch (early bike suffered with the teeth chipping off the original if the battery power was low) and have the receipt for that also.

    The Maxton suspension cost £1,000 and transforms the bike from stiff ball busting handful to plush, controlled, feedback rife handful ;-). Twin arrow pipes are glorious and are dent free and in superb nick.

    This is a seriously tidy bike with every desirable part. I'd rather not put back to stock as there are loads out there with stock cans, no belly pans, seat cowls and fly screens. Seems a shame to slip up the full package.

    £3990 including all the stock parts (pipes, suspension, gold calipers and levers etc).

    I'm based in Taunton, Somerset. Happy for you to test ride as long as I have cash in hand or can go for a spin with you to show it's all working and how well it handles. Any questions, please ask.


    65130190_10157572748564365_4857218286443560960_o.jpg 65073938_10157572749494365_708219555691888640_o.jpg 65818028_10157572749549365_5232401740086640640_o.jpg 65305048_10157572749614365_147389671142326272_o.jpg 65654035_10157572749709365_7545200766663786496_o.jpg 65463136_10157572749744365_101894182087426048_o.jpg 65699137_10157572749074365_5134578293642625024_o.jpg 65391227_10157572749869365_6487777421796835328_o.jpg
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  2. Lovely bike, Maxton is great stuff isnt it, GLWS
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  3. Yes it's terrific stuff... the original was firm to say the least! The Maxton is much more controlled and gives loads of feedback and you're not fired out of the seat!

    It's a proper loonies bike still but it's miles easier and more fun to ride than the stock suspension
  4. I used to love these when they came out, especially in Kermit green. :heart_eyes:
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  5. IMG_1141.JPG Love 'em .... My 749r and my mates triple on Southend seafront this morning

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  6. Pretty sure I bought your Daytona from you Alistair. How come the road bikes going as well? GLWTS btw
  7. Nice looking bike that!!

    Think he rides a bmw on the road these days
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  8. Yabol, shnell shnell
  9. Ah hi @Bondy7070! Yes you probably recognise the drive!

    I frequented this establishment when I had the 848 and its nice to be back and see some familiar names!

    I'm doing more touring these days hence the BMW @bradders mentioned. The k1300s is better for a week away than the Speed triple but I'm going to miss the Triumph... So much fun in small doses
  10. Watcha @bradders! Hope you're well?
  11. Ah right, it was the first name and the Speed that got my senses tingling actually, remember you saying you had one.

    Fair plays, bet that's a comfortable ride.

    Actually ended up in the same garage as Gibbo and his mate when I took the bike to Oulton, they both stood around it going "Aa bloody recognise that bike!" haha

    Small world ey
  12. It certainly is! How is Chris? Still got his obscenely loud Panigale?

    Hope you're enjoying the bike
  13. Seems well. Think he's planning on moving to Spain.

    He was there with a V4 mate, still got his 1098R and about 28 others as well apparently. Madness.

    Yeah all good Cheers
  14. Just sent the link to a guy on an M3 Forum I'm a member of, he's after a Speed Triple

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  15. Nice one thanks
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