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Sprocket Movement

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by hic2wo, Sep 24, 2017.

  1. Noticed when cleaning my new monster that the rear sprocket has substantial movement back and forth , being new to the brand i wondered if The sprockets are floating and this is normal, can anyone advise if there are any movement on there rear sprocket !
  2. Back and forth is a bit vague. Are you experiencing rotational movement or is it endfloat.
  3. It shouldn't move. First thing to check are all relevant nuts tight then check the Cush drives
    I have an MV and their Cush drives fail regularly I replaced mine with Ducati 916 ones
    When faulty I could rock the sprocket in the aixis it rotates not the other way though
  4. Edited because i did not read the question properly :blush:
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  5. Excuse my ignorance here but my experience of Cush drives is only on single sided swingers and invariably the fault has been the bolt in the centre detaching from the rubber. I've
    Never found the hole the Cush fits in to be worn which I believe your remedy is for
  6. My cush drives failed at 5000 miles on my Hyper

    Being replaced under warranty along withthe sprocket and the flange

    I did start a thread about it ....
  7. Fair point, I wasn't referring to the hole you mention but on the cush rubbers themselves, I thought the mention or innertube and cush rubbers made that clear? However you are quite right to question my reply as I hadn't noticed the monster reference which is of course the rubber within a metal casing and not as I thought, the standard multiblock type of cush set up. Apologies
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