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SS Gallery

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by Rob, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. Post your pictures and videos here :cool::cool:
  2. [​IMG]



    My '95 carby :)
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  3. [​IMG]



    "That" crank galley plug - 3 weeks of rebuild, get yours checked/replaced... ;)
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  4. Here is mine... MKIII.jpg

    Still got to fit all of this newly sprayed bodywork I had refurbished.



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  5. Mine...


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  6. And Mine back where she belongs....Eoin

    900ss.JPG 900ss...JPG

    900ss supermono rep.JPG


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  7. Eoin
    I said it before but that looks great

    Did see this a couple of weeks ago :)


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  8. Oh I now...if only to have the real thing.
  9. 17-06-10.jpg
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  10. Lovely Ian, black frame and wheels looks great on the bike,
    I've always liked the half fairing.
    Great photo too, take it yourself?
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  11. I did Eoin, it was taken in 2010 on my last Italy trip. It's on a back road between Urbino to Piobbico. Lovely spot and a great bit of road, ideal SS country :D.
  12. What a brilliant photo.
  13. fantastic photo. A beautiful Ducati on it's home territory.
  14. , please could you let me know how to download a picture onto the site.

  15. Just click reply to thread, then the go advanced button. This will bring up more tool options, click on the paperclip icon which will open up a new window 'manage attachments' you can then select any images from your pc/mac files. :upyeah:

    At least that's how it works for me...
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  16. I tell you what Eoin, I was never keen on the idea of that Supermono conversion kit...it just didnt seem right with the standard SS tank...but you sir have done a cracking job on your bike, you should be...and deserve to be... well chuffed with that mate!
  17. Hi George (or should that be Jiri?)

    That is absolutely brilliant.

    Two questions spring instantly to mind ..... where did you get the seat & would you mind if I ripped off the idea?

    I'd never make such a nice go of it and I'm far too tight to go for forks/wheels of that standard but I'm sure the seat/red frame combo would be within my capability & budget.

    btw the Ignitech arrived today ..... shame I wasn't in to recieve it! Still, there's always tomorrow. Pretty good going as I only ordered it on Tuesday.

    Cheers mate.

  18. Hi ...er... grunt...is that your name or did you just make a noise? :tongue:

    No not Jiri I am still British dontchaknow! although I am sometimes called Jirka the 'diminutive' for Jiri!..actually sometimes I am called lots of things...none printable here!

    The seat is a carbon Jobbie which I bought from Daro Moto in Switzerland about 9 years ago. I do beleive they are still available from Kaemna or Diopa both in Germany.

    Rip off what idea mate? a Mike Hailwood rep? its not my idea..or a seat like mine...I dont have rights on this seat :) do what you want to your bike mate its a free world :upyeah:

    must see about these ignitech units myself one day mmmmm!!!!

    have fun!
  19. Never tire of looking at that bike George; remember it from the old place. Absolutely magnificent.

  20. George it is ....... sorry, just trying to show off my miniscule knowlege of Czecho.

    And yes, I'm generaly known to my mates as Grunt. Well, you try being a wannabe outlaw biker in the mid-70s with a name like Benedict.

    So, internet research mode here I come. That seat is just different enough from Superlight to be perfect.

    I plan to fit the Ignitech on Saturday, so I'll keep you posted on how much difference it makes. Stage 1 is the dirty bit ... have to reset the pickups to 6 btdc, also make sure the flywheel markings are in the correct place .... so the fun bit may take some reaching. Can't wait!



    ps when I get a minute I'll scan a pic of the Bevel 900 NCR rep I built in the 80s. Pretty as anything, if a bit slow.
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