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St4s Brembo Clutch Master Rebuild - Help

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by johnny, Jul 14, 2021.

  1. I need some pointers pleaser on a St4S Clutch master rebuild

    I have the replacement kit and disassembled the old one
    Bottom Picture shows what came out in order from bottom left to top right
    Middle Picture shows the new kit but with extra bits in the middle.
    Top Picture shows the empty slave

    The instructions show a Circlip of the barrel type (pushing out) and the need to use Circlip pliers to remove that. I don’t have this in old or new kit.

    What is going on? In top picture I think the gold ring is still in place which equates to the silver ring in the new kit. Am I right and how do I remove it (pic?)
    Where does the small gold washer go?



    Picture1 .jpg
  2. Can’t really help but interested in following, however I have a vague recollection of reading something somewhere along the lines that the construction of the master cylinder changed over the years and therefore not all parts are in the old/new ones. :(
  3. Thanks Paul, I have like for like in the new kit. I think the spare small gold washer is for the outlet pipe which can be removed. The silver circlip looks spot on for the gold in place, its just I can't get the gold thing out! how do you get a blind circlip with no "ears" out? I may have already damaged the body !
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  4. Anyone know how to pressure test a clutch master?
  5. Not really, no, but I’d be inclined to remove the clutch housing cover then operate the clutch and see if it actuated the pushrod sufficiently to push the springs back and lift the pressure plate off the clutch pack. That’s sufficient pressure applied to overcome the springs which is all you want.
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