St4s Rider Down Under... And Across The Ditch

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  1. Kia Ora, (hello)

    So I am down under, and not from aussie land, but across the ditch from kiwiland. I have been riding motorcycles since... mumble mumble mumble time... let's say a while

    Had many bikes over the years from Hondas, to well Ducati... My current stead is 2002 Ducati ST4s which I have owned for maybe 10 years... and in all likely hood, most likely hold on to her a while longer yet...

    I have only just decided to pretty her up a bit with some bits and bobs... and when I say recently... I mean in the last week and still waiting on parts to arrive... but you can follow along here

    VCR Rally

    The only time she gets washed is when it rains...

    hmmmm okay I not sure where that is.... lol

    A few more pics
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  2. Welcome nighthawk' ..tis off to bedtime for me!

    Nice webby will have a mooch in the morning.
  3. Chur bro, am in the far north. You getting up to watch the kirikiti?
  4. Welcome Dave
  5. lol might watch some of it, but will far too late for this kid to see the whole game...
  6. Where’s your bin! We like bins and your pictures don’t have one :)

    Welcome into our mad house
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  7. She means rubbish bin, not bin as in crash.
    It's a bit of a thing here...shame there is no bin emoji!
  8. Welcome from just down the road.
  9. So my bike bins (as in side saddles) don't count then??? I load mine up with a tone of rubbish at times...

    chur chur, I'm just up the road in Dunedin...
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  10. Hi and welcome aboard the Ducati forum
  11. Kia ora and welcome dude...
  12. Welcome geezer :):upyeah:
  13. Rolling around with laughter on the bit about washing on the move:splat::upyeah:
  14. Welcome aboard Dave!
  15. Btfw, we are on the right side of the ditch and we ain't from down under, we are from on top..
    Who see's the sun first? Kings do... Kiwis are kings...
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  16. How can you have penalties in cricket?
  17. I’m told that fiddling with your balls is frowned upon and can prompt a penalty?
  18. Welcome and enjoy