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Featured 748 Stable Complete….for Now…!!

Discussion in '748 / 916 / 996 / 998' started by Mark996, Jun 10, 2024 at 2:08 PM.

  1. Hi all, so here we have it - finally got my hands on a 748 and I plumped for an ‘02 plate bike with just 4100 miles from new!!

    there’s a bit that needs/wants doing to it, but it’s a cracking base to start from, and having only really ever ridden 996’s previously, I’m more than happy with it from what I can tell from the hour and half it took me to ride it home!!

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  2. ive always hankered for an sp1 or sp2
    more photos?
    keen to see how it feels compared to the sp2
  3. Mine is an SP-2 mate, a late 06 on an ‘07 plate….this is my second as I used to own one when I lived in Portugal and used to race Ducati’s!! (…around 20yrs ago now - where did THAT time go?! )

    I’ve ridden both the SP-1 and SP-2…in short, the SP-1 on standard fuelling is an absolute pigs to ride at lower speeds…the 2 not only has faaaaaar better fuelling as standard, but the swingarm, suspension internals and slightly higher compression make it a much much better bike…

    I love it - just as thumping as a 996/998 and from someone who raced those, equally as quick around a track, but with added Honda build quality and a hand built HRC engine.
  4. I used to have an SP1 back in the day and never had the issues with the low speed fuelling I hear so much about. I used to commute on it about 120miles a day. Loved it. Looking for another or an sp2 but prices are daft considering what you can get now for the money.
  5. how much can i get an sp2 for?
  6. 10-12 grand I’d guess at.
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  7. added to the xmas list then
  8. Yeah that’s about ball park for a decent SP-2…SP-1s are slightly cheaper….

    I wouldn’t part with mine for less than £11k as it’s pretty much showroom condition!
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  9. Nice, was that the one that was on Ebay? It didn't meet it's reserve?
  10. Yes that’s the one - seller was only about an hour from where I live, so I had a good chat with him and managed to do a deal outside of eBay…great result in the end and a lovely bloke.
    Bike had been stood for a long long time though, so as I say, a few minor bits need sorting, but for the ride back from his to mine, it didn’t miss a beat - ride beautifully…albeit on crap, old, rock hard tyres that need replacing….flew straight through an MOT though on the way back to mine!!
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