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Discussion in 'Supersport (2016 onwards)' started by 2Fast, Apr 7, 2020.

  1. Hi chaps, any feedback welcome...

    Picked up a Supersport S with twin Akras in Feb, only my second outing and I'm fining it quite hard to set off from standstill without either stalling or a great lurch. Worse when cold, but always an issue compared to the many other bikes I've had...

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  2. Mine was very much like that, but is better now it has a few miles on it; tended to be the first few minutes before warmed up. There is a service bulletin for a part to check on the clutch, but I find adjustment at the lever to be important. Fitting a throttle spacer also helped. Mine is quite sensitive to how you feed out the clutch but its smooth enough now when I switch my brain on first. Nice bike. :upyeah::cool:
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  3. Are you letting the clutch out 2Fast ? Sorry dude lockdown has me bored ! Ducs are bastards to get used too if your coming from an IL4 ?
  4. We're all bored.
    Set up your phone to video it happening and then upload it to YT then post the link here.
    That'll stop you getting bored (for awhile at least) and stop us getting bored while we watch it.
    You may even get some useful advice out of it.
    A win-win situation all-round:upyeah:
  5. I'm the one who's bored ?
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  6. I'm going to wait a while before posting here. Bide my time. Tread water. Play for time. Wait and see. Await developments. Put off any decisive action for now.

    You understand, if course!
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  7. That'd be stalling then:joy:
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  8. Damn it, you're right!

    : o D
  9. Yeah well I was just helping out others who may not be as clever as you Loz, otherwise they may not have understood your very witty joke.
    @Harry Bell :D
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  10. Thanks.

    What joke?

    Don't dis Harry, he's a ... oh, I promised not to do that anymore.
  11. How rude, I is very witty and knowlegeabubble on such stuffs :p:D
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  12. Is that a historical reference?
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  13. But you live in Aberdeenshire ffs:D
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  14. You're determined to be rude today, is it raining in West Cork? :p:D
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  15. No, actually it is :sun::sun::sun: and has been for days and days but, like everyone else, I can’t ride my bike so I was bored and thought I’d play on here:).

    Here’s a photo of how sunny it was earlier, before I cut the grass - againnn:worried:


    Ps I was only messing Harry, I had to choose someone who would take the joke and not go all Sooty on me:):upyeah:
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  16. Never go full Sooty.
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  17. Do you live in a pit? :D

    No offence taken, I don't mind the abuse :upyeah:
  18. Yep. That’s my isolation hut up there, great sea view from there. The house itself is in a dip, for which you’re grateful when the Atlantic storms come in. Those olden folks sure knew a thing or too about location:upyeah:
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  19. After you've had the initial set off stall ( you can actually feel the clutch grab)its fine for the rest of the day.
    I had mine back 3 times, eventually Ducati fitted a new clutch and sent me a Ducati watch for my woes.
    Keep complaining!
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  20. I encountered similar on the V4S that I had a test ride on. The clutch was awful (grabby) until the bike was warm, then it was fine. I believe there was an oil feed issue that caused this.
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