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Star Twin Motors

Discussion in 'Online Retailer reviews' started by MarcParnes, Feb 22, 2024.

  1. Over the weekend I had the unfortunate experience of hitting a big rock while riding my Multi V4 in California's Death Valley. The cast front wheel was destroyed! After trying and failing to ride it out on its flat tire I had no choice but to leave it in the desert and ride double back to our hotel in Lone Pine. Arriving home on Monday I started looking for a front wheel. The dealer price was over $1900 and 10 days out so I went searching the Internet for a less expensive alternative. This led me to Star Twin Motors in Holland and their online parts guru Wieger Heukels. His price for the wheel was over 30% less including UPS Expedited shipping to California so I placed the order Tuesday night. I emailed Wieger and explained my predicament and the fact that the bike was stranded in Death Valley. "Let me see what I can do..." was his response and after pulling a few strings at the Ducati warehouse in Bologna he had it packed up and ready for UPS Wednesday afternoon Holland time with an expected delivery here in California on Monday! Unbelievable!

    It is rare to experience that kind of help these days from a complete stranger over the Internet which says something about Wieger and his crew at Star Twin. I ride with a group that includes 7 Multi V4's and Wieger will undoubtedly be our go-to source for Ducati parts in the future. Maybe you can give him a try as well.

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  2. I’ve had dealings with him also. Really is a pleasure to do business with.
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  3. Wieger is a very competent seller. He offers overnight shipping options that are pretty amazing, at a cost. Our French forum members have a permanent 10% discount with Star Twin.

    And Wieger speaks French! :D
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  4. Thankfully it hasn't been long so I'm going to bring this forum back to life. I was also doing some digging online and came across the Star Twin Motors parts website (oemducati.com just sounded suspicious) and after coming across this thread I'm pretty reassured. Having said that I still find myself in an expensive pickle. I accidentally severed the ribbon cable on the LCD of my dash transferring the whole assembly from one housing to another (the original was scratched to hell from the previous owner) and now because the screen doesn't light up, the bike no longer starts. The circuit board itself that is programmed to the bike is fine, but it's just the LCD that is kaput. Do you guys have any advice on this aside from just ordering a new OEM 40611584A that costs $1,300?? Or do you think if i email this Wieger guy would he be able to point me in the right direction?

    Thanks guys! Pictures are attached for reference and a good booty pic of the girl before she shit the bed.



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