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Starace Rs Perfomance Intake Kit

Discussion in 'Hypermotard' started by The_hyper_guy, Jun 3, 2020.

  1. So, I’m trying to order the RS intake kit from Giuseppe Starace. And I was going to order from him on this Tuesday. But I just needed a confirmation of when to expect delivery before I paypal’ed him the money. And now I can’t get in touch with him?

    If anybody in here know him personally please let him know that the Danish guy is ready to place his order.

  2. Others have had problems with delivery from him....
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  3. I’ve had no issue when ordering my 1200R kit, he was super helpful. Have you tried messaging him through Facebook?
  4. Yes, I have. But he’s not responding to my messages. And I really want that kit.
  5. nobody have had problem with me with power kit - just one guy that his kit was lost
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  6. old problems and all fixed - I never desappears, lot of these infos are false. Please do not post fact that you not have lived or you not know real version of this
  7. you will have that kit ;-)
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  8. thanks and right - no problem and you are very happy, right?
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  9. In the politest way id argue that from what i had read....however...you need to make some successful deliveries. If people start to report that they have received their goods then all will be fine.
  10. yeah absolutely. Deliver was quick, you were very helpful when I had some questions and the bike is even better

    Grazie Mille!
  11. It was the past, 7 years ago and fixed all - now my name is in the termignoni and sprintfilter website and all are very happy about my parts
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  12. Thanks. Cannot wait to install it. Thanks man
  13. Cool....then ill wait for The Hyper Guy's review....!
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  14. someone riceived kit ;-)
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  15. I just got my kit. Giuseppe was busy Working on his freakin awesome handguards for the Hyper so he is all excused.

    Very good communication with him and the kit looks really awesome. From what I read it should turn the bike into a beast (with the UpMap t800, which I also got)

    I will keep you updated.
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  16. RS intake kit is that the air box lid for a 821/939
    Where can I get one and how much?
  17. Yes. Plus velocity stacks. I havent installed my kit yet, but it should give a significant power boost. Scary to imagine. Contact Nice guy Giuseppe Starace on Facebook. An ex-Ducati engineer and the brains behind the kit.
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  18. This fella posted his goods on Facebook. He posted something to the effect of "no words needed". I responded and suggested that posts like his were EXACTLY why words are needed. I suggested that he hire someone to handle his marketing and sales. Anyone here willing to help this guy out? Hes clearly making nice products but the language barrier plus inaccessibility to his actual product really turns me off despite really liking what hes doing.

    Maybe i'm old but to me, whatsapp is for pre teen girls and scammers. I'd much prefer to be able to communicate with someone via email or phone.
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  19. Hi, that kind of communication is my strategy - if you want all informations of my works and parts feel free to contact me at [email protected] (I will send you after contact my phone number and we can talk together) - do know know some teen girls with their name at official Termignoni/upmap web site? ;-) On Facebook no words needed for sure - but by email or by phone you can ask me whatever you want
  20. there are different kit of air intake systems for different models
    for 821/939 kit is called RSR
    for 950 kit is called RS

    I am working on my website so I hope asap to share this
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