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Featured Stelvio & Dolomites - 2021

Discussion in 'Touring' started by panibadboy, Aug 25, 2021.

  1. Few photos from last weekend's trip to Dolomites and Stelvio

    Road to Passo Gardena


    Corvara ski resort


    Road to Jaufen pass

    Road to Passo Rombo

    Up to Stelvio

    Stelvio is not that busy these days, mainly locals and German tourists

    Bratwurst business is struggling. 1 shop got closed because owner died from Corona

    Lovely day

    Unfortunately no Ducatis here

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  2. An unscratched itch to cycle up Stelvio,never mind.:(
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  3. Epic
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  4. that is THE best name for a band..
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  5. will you do it N? - why not? there is time. :sun:
  6. This is like showing a starving person a banquet !
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  7. I hated cycling 5-7 years ago, but now thinking about cycling up myself :joy::joy::joy:
  8. I found the Stelvio quite disappointing. When you finally got to the top (avoiding scores of cyclists) it was a tourist trap.
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  9. pretty much yes
  10. It's a nice tick box Stelvio, but it's not that great a road IMO.... is the tibetan cafe (I think that's what it's called) still at the top?

    I remember being stood there on the way to WDW2010, it was about 5-6C still snow covered on the hills in June, and at the end of the day we checked into the hotel opposite the Ferrari factory in Maranello where it was 38C, needless to say we were sweating buckets when we finally got off the bikes.
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  11. I've been at Stelvio probably 20 times by now. For me its a place that I have to cross to get home. I usually stop there to have a Bratwurst and say hello to the old man who is making them - Richard.
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  12. Love the Dolomites, pleased the roads were quiet for you.

    Was a bit disappointed with the amount of traffic last year around St Bernard passes and Alps. Way busier than a few years back.

    Enjoyed my first Stelvio visit, and defo a 'tick list' pass, though far from one of the best.
    If anyone fancies a little bit of a change there is the Umbrail pass just off the Stelvio...if heading in to Switzerland. Not sure if it is all fully surfaced now? In 2008 it was part gravel and dirt.
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  13. Much prefer Timmelsjoch
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  14. Cracking pictures, thanks for sharing. The Dolomites is still my favourite place to visit, out of all our Euro trips. Can’t wait to go back again one day.
  15. Can the OP and others name the must do passes/roads in the Alps (hope this is not a hyjack)
  16. Only if you don't tell anyone else or it will become overcrowded.
  17. Alps are big, so depends on your time. If you have lots of it, just take every pass possible.

    If not, I tend to focus on countries that I like riding in. That immediately excludes Switzerland for reasons we all know.
    So I tend to ride mainly in Italy and a bit in Austria.

    Italy is split in 2 parts when it comes to the mountains: Alps and Dolomites. I know it sounds silly, but thats just how it is.
    The valley where you find Merano and Bolzano sort of separates conventional Alps from Dolomites.

    So from West (alps) to East (dolomites):

    Passo Tonale
    Passo del Gavia
    Passo dello Stelvio
    Passo della Mendola
    Passo del Rombo
    Jaufen pass

    Entering Dolomites:

    Sella Pass
    Passo Gardena

    and my favorite circle:

    Passo Pordoi
    Passo di Falzarego
    Passo Fedaia
    Passo di Giau

    With famous trio towns in between: Canazei, Corvara and Cortina
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  18. its over crowded already by conventional tourists in the cars
  19. Great pics
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  20. Also visited Alps this July. Second time at Stelvio. And first time at Gavia pass.
    IMG_1031.JPG IMG_4146.JPEG
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