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Stolen Bike 1098s Solihull Weds 5:30pm

Discussion in 'Stolen Bikes/Parts' started by Symon Moore, Jan 14, 2022.

  1. What goes around comes around in my little black book, let's hope they trip up over their shoelaces one day very soon.:heart:
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  2. A guy I know had a mate have his bikes nicked this week. They managed to get them back! Some scum posted on their own insta page the bikes in his own fucking garden!! No fear of being caught whatsoever
  3. My mate had his gs stolen and recovered twice in 48 hours last week. (Seriously).

    It was chained and the guys had to lift it over a medium wall

    The chain was not grounded though which was the key thing in this instance. Those disc locks are about as much use as a chocolate fire guard I’m sorry to say. It’s like locking your car but leaving the windows wide open.

    i can lift a sports bike entirely and comfortably on my own so a couple of blokes will have no issues :(

    I hope you get it back mate. Horrible experience.
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  4. Ugh. Having scum in your house and the bastards stole your bike & helmet. I hope they get all they deserve in a very special hell. I'm really sorry this has happened to you and best of luck with the insurance company.
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  5. Ffs!! Absolute wastes of air these people. They always find a way. It's my biggest fear and I hope all the deterrents I have put anyone off, but if they really want it, they'll have it.
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  6. It's shit but it happens. Drop your guard and these cockroaches will be in. Try and compose yourself, forget the bike. It's happened to me and the good news is, you'll be security conscious going forward. I know I am.

    Don't expect the police to be pulling up trees, they won't. I didn't even get a visit, just an incident ticket number. The underwriters will probably send a rep round to interview you. You'll feel like a criminal under investigation but play ball. He'll ask for things like the ignition key(s), photo's of the bike etc. His report will pave the way for a quick pay out. Get your policy out and read it thoroughly, especially the small print. Good luck :upyeah:
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  7. Gutted for you, I suffered the same with my first proper bike, my ZXR400, foolishly though an alarm, immobiliser and a chain was enough of a deterrent but alas no. Lifted into a van and gone (I wasn’t at home) and from then on if I go out anywhere on my bike it’s parked somewhere I can watch it or I go back home. That sinking feeling of “I’m sure I parked it here?” Still haunts me.

    Like Mary said, the insurance company interrogated me like it was my fault and the police were more than useless! 6mths after it was stolen and I’d been paid out the DVLA sent me a letter asking if I’d sold it as they had someone applying for a V5!? I took the letter to the police and they said they would speak to the dvla and investigate, not difficult I thought, you’ve got the address of the person applying for the V5, if they didn’t steal it you can find out where and who they got it from but no, that would be too easy so they just threw the letter in the bin, how do I know this? Because 6mths later a work colleague comes up to me at work excited to show me his new ZXR400, yep, my ZXR400 L141 BEL………unbelievable :astonished:
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  8. Hi, just by way of an observation, TM may or may not have been NF or BNP but my recollection is that he had been broken into countless times and also lived in an isolated area so did not have a ready police presence to call upon. Happy to stand corrected if I'm wrong.
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