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Street Triple 675r

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by gazza77, Jul 10, 2020.

  1. Just inherited one of these of 2009 vintage. Only ridden it 35 miles down the M62 so far, but first job is clearly new tyres as I don't think I've ever seen any so badly squared off.

    Anyone else got or had one? Any good?
  2. Had a new one in 2012, nightmare, hated it, it hated me, triumph after sales & warranty was shocking... dont get me started.
    They offered me a used replaced after 7 months, (ex press bike) which was promply part-exd for the hyper evo. Never looked back.
  3. Fingers crossed I won't see the same. The bike was my Dad's, and he had it from new without any issues. The local Triumph dealer is good from past experience, and is actually the local Ducati dealer as well..
  4. Had a 675 new in 07 when they first came out. Did 25k on it all over Europe, my mate did 60k on his. Loved it.
    Now have a 765RS
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  5. Great fun little bikes.
  6. Had loads of experience of them, had 3 Daytona’s myself, my mates had 2 and a street triple, and another mate has had one also, all of which have had good experience. Not a single issue. The chassis is REALLY sensitive to tyres though, don’t put touring tyres on it, even on the street triple, they don’t like them
  7. I've still got my 2010 675 Street triple which I've owned since it was only a year old. I've been all over Europe on it and had about as much fun a man can have with his trousers still on with it.
    Cracking bike, no major issues with it all. My only problem with it is that it's a small bike and I'm 6ft2 so I've always looked a tad like a gorilla on a monkey bike on it.
    My only consideration now is getting something that is more comfortable and less fatiguing on a longer trip. But I'll probably still keep it and end up being buried with my ST3.
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  8. Stick Bridgestone s22’s on it, thrash the life out of it and enjoy. Chassis is amongst the best there is.
    Triumph dealers are.......
    Old fashioned.
  9. My first full license road bike. Mate ended up writing it off dodging a car and putting it into a wall.
    Great bike just missed a bit of power at both ends.
  10. I do agree that the street triple misses the top end power that the Daytona has, it’s a good 10-15hp down and really feels it up nearer 10k rpm, which is a shame. And the newest daytona did add a couple more HP but lost a smidge of drive ability. The 765rs is mint in the street triple, would have been amazing in the Daytona tuned to about 140hp crank but they didn’t do it and that’s really disappointing.

    which always brings up the MV, sadly that’s been left behind I fear
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  11. I have to say I don't really agree on the power front. I've been quite happy with mine and in my opinion is plenty for the road.
    Although when I first bought it it had a slightly larger rear sprocket which made it a bit of a wheelie maniac but was then a bit too low geared when it was on a longer run.
  12. I had a Trip for a while...but only for a few months. I just could not get on with it so chucked it back in for a Daytona ...yeehaa, despite similar motors they are chalk and cheese. THAT was a proper bike and I kept it for a while. I even toured Europe on it.


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