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Streetfighter V4 S Reviews

Discussion in 'Streetfighter' started by Robarano, Mar 25, 2020.

    #1 Robarano, Mar 25, 2020
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  2. Finally here!

    Looks like he likes it. Although does he come across as a little “meehh” & “so so”?

    Sits between a Tuono and a Superduke but at a 5k premium.
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  3. Good review but personally it doesn’t really do it for me I don’t know why a lot of the silver isn’t black just simple bits make a nice difference
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  4. Sorry don’t mean to sound negative.

    Looks great and I’m sure it’ll be a Fab bike!
  5. Its a huge radiator on wheels...and with wings. It reminds me to much of a S1000R.
  6. Too bitty :thinkingface: good concept, lacking attention to detail more so on the colours than aesthetics...
    The preview Pikes Peak spoilt us and raised expectations that this doesn’t fulfil... get the paints / wraps out :)
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  7. Just looks wrong doesn’t it, bet it’s amazing to ride but for 20k you surely deserve a showstopper
  8. Big fan of the motor but dont like the styling that much.
    I'll bet it's a lot of fun to ride tho.
  9. For me it starts and ends rather abruptly with £20k :astonished:

    I love a super naked, I've had quite a few of the top crop including the S1000r, Superduke 1290 and Tuono V4, all of those are superb in their own way, but this Ducati whilst appealing simply doesn't warrant the price tag in anyway shape or form.

    I mean £20k and shit thin black plastic everywhere? no heated grips or seat cowl even for that money? At £20k for a naked you'd want a fully spec'd model probably with race exhaust and all the trimmings wouldn't you? Even then I'd question it

    It just feels like they've priced themselves way out of the market and thus will confine the newest street fighter to the same fate of the old. Lower sales volumes and likely discontinued within a few years :thinkingface:

    They'd have been far better detuning the engine by 20% thus putting a HP distance between that and the V4s, putting out the base model at £15k and a fully spec version at £17k(no bendy thin black plastic)

    I'll stick with the Superduke or a new Tuono with a proper v4 sound track
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  10. And I thought my Multi was the ugliest bike Ducati would ever make, then this monstrosity turns up.
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  11. I have to say that I think it looks better in the flesh
  12. From technological standpoint of view it’s pretty awesome but aesthetically not so much. I’ll stick to the 1098 SFS
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  13. It amazes me how Ducati made a V4 engine sound shit.
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  14. I want to dislike it as I’m skint but I so wish I’d never sold my 1098SF.
    I haven’t yet seen one in the flesh, so I’ll reserve judgment till then.
    As for the price, madness!
    But all bike prices are madness now, I wonder how the current crisis is going to impact sales/prices. I think we all know the answer to that.
    Onyerbike has a new 2019 Tuono Factory for £13,900, can someone explain why I bought my GSA!!!!!!
  15. I watched the MCN review and it looks like it rides really well, for me though, it's a price thing. I know I know it sounds like sour grapes but for me the stock bike at £15k and the S at £18500 would have made sense with the Monster 1200S at somewhere around £15k. I also prefer the V4 engine in the Tuono/RSV4 if I'm honest, I'm not a fan of a V4 that sounds like a twin, I'm sure I'll get flamed for that and I am sure it's still amazing to ride but I loved the V4 from the Aprilia.

    That said I'm sure there will be loads of them sold, it's perfect for the better off 40's+ club who can't physically ride a V4 anymore.
  16. Or buy a Street Triple RS. I don't see the need for much more than 100bhp on a naked bike. Its pointless.

    And the RS has the added advantage of very low weight. Its lighter than all the sports bikes out there.

    A V2 Streetfighter will make much more sense, IMHO.
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  17. I’ll get one but not in the 1st gen. They’ll inevitably be a Corse/SP or similar and rumours are of 1500 limited Carlin Dunne homages so if they resemble the PP I’ll buy.
    It’ll take a year (maybe more with the delay in the world currently with the virus) for the insurance cunts to sort the pricing out so it’s not barmy to insure at first like the V4 was.
  18. To me it looks better with black elements instead of the brushed silver and in alternative colours.
    A624CE72-D4DA-4EB5-8AB6-B28393B0D192.jpeg 01F6FE61-6B74-4C73-8115-17E8DE471547.jpeg 67EBFC77-47D1-47FB-BFE2-198ABB2A5353.jpeg
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  19. I think the wings are a bit much on a bike you can't realistically do more than 100mph on for any period of time. But then they are a bit OTT on any road bike tbh. :thinkingface:

    But hey, do we really need all of the stuff on bikes these days? It's all about the pose and craic down the pub for some.
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  20. I love the looks of the thing, and I’m classically not a ‘naked’ kind of guy :kissing_heart:

    The price is steep though, I couldn’t bring myself to pay 20bags for a naked bike.

    Given the current climate, I wouldn’t be surprised if deals will be available

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