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For Sale Super Mega 749/999 Parts Bazaaaaaar

Discussion in 'Parts, Accessories & Clothing For Sale' started by Nostromo, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. Oem clip ons good condition 50 posted
    Machesini wheel set in fila colours 450 collected, 490 posted
    Light swing arm with did chain(could be rental) 70 collected or 85 posted
    Rear carbon dp hugger 50 posted
    Forks powder coated black with gold stansions 150 collected 185 posted
    Stm clutch plate and spring covers 60 posted
    Renthal rear sprocket 25 posted
    Oem shock 50 posted
    Billet sprocket cover 30 posted
    Oberon clutch cylinder in blue 55 posted [sold]
    Rocker and linkages for rear shock 25 posted
    I will make a gallery later today
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  2. I’m interested in wheels
  3. Drop me a pm
  4. Swingarm for me. Depending on condition. Waiting on pictures
  5. Will post tonight, I've taken some but my new phone produces large files, will scale them when I'm back
  6. Ooh,ooh,how much for the chizel?
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  7. Im interested in forks once pictures are up thanks
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  8. DSC_0028-2992x1688.JPG DSC_0018-1688x2992.JPG DSC_0027-2992x1688.JPG DSC_0016-2992x1688.JPG DSC_0017-2992x1688.JPG DSC_0024-2992x1688.JPG DSC_0023-2992x1688.JPG DSC_0014-2992x1688.JPG DSC_0025-1688x2992.JPG DSC_0019-1688x2992.JPG DSC_0020-1688x2992.JPG DSC_0021-1688x2992.JPG
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  9. Just to let you know chizel has first dibs
  10. Thanks bud but I'm out of £ for a bit...
  11. OK mate cheers
  12. Free to a good home
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  13. Mmmmmm,let me think about that.
  14. Don't think for too long, the phone has Been ringing off the hook!
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  15. Interested in the clutch slave cylinder
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  16. Shoot me a pm mate
  17. Oberon clutch cylinder in blue 55 posted [sold]
    Wheels no longer come with discs so price adjusted.
    Forgot to add
    Mirror supports 45 posted each or 80 for the pair posted
    Also have a fully working 999/749 fuel pump with a new seal 125 posted
    Left handlebar switches 25 posted
  18. Some better pics
    DSC_0066-2393x1350.JPG DSC_0065-2393x1350.JPG DSC_0060-2393x1350.JPG DSC_0063-2393x1350.JPG DSC_0061-2393x1350.JPG DSC_0064-2393x1350.JPG
  19. Swing arm Linkages sold
    Front wheel sold
    Rear wheel with cush drive and sprocket 270 posted

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