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Super Soco Cux Ducati Edition E-scooter

Discussion in 'eScooters, eBikes etc' started by 328isport, Jun 14, 2021.

  1. Hi All,

    Just incase anyone sees one of these in a Ducati dealer etc and is considering as a pit bike/runabout, I thought I'd offer to answer any questions.

    I'm running one and have done approx 500 miles so far, so can answer any questions on a real world basis.
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  2. Have you got a sense of humour or will you get upset if people ask questions along the lines of " Have you seen the internet meme suggesting scooters are for men who like the feel of wind in their vaginas "
    Obviously these days its not just men who have vaginas and jolly good too I say.
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  3. A review would be interesting.
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  4. I’ve just bought one of these from Ducati Preston for £995 (non Ducati edition) I live a mile and a half from work so think it’s a no brainer at that money to see how it is for a short commute.
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  5. Review please :)
  6. A resurrection shuffle.:)
  7. I will when I’ve put a few miles on it! First impressions are good though. I’ve popped to the shops in our local town and grabbed a rucksack full of stuff, 30mph limits all the way. Cars were holding me up in town and I could abandon it by the front door of the shops so was quick getting home.
  8. Last I heard these were illegal to use anywhere outside of private land and the penalty was six points and a fine for riding on the pavement/ roads Has that changed?

  9. The posted scooter is classed as a moped or a restricted 125.

    The regs you posted cover powered cycles and the stand on scooters that you see youths on is my understanding.
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  10. Ah... I foolishly thought e scooter was an e scooter, when of course it was an e scooter -if you get what I mean. LOL

    Electric Vespas, whatever next!
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