Superbike Shootout!

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  1. Not sure if this has been posted yet.

  2. Aprilia definitely sounds the best but i can associate with what he's saying about how cramped and small they feel when being tall.

    It really is a pity the V4 Pani doesn't sound more 'V4', its half the reason people love that engine config is the sound, so actively trying to make it sound like a twin kinda makes no sense to me. Still, i do like the Corse colour scheme and it looks nice.

    The beemer though, well its the bargain of the bunch isn't it really. Nearly £2k cheaper than the RSV4, over £4k cheaper than the V4s, 3 years warranty as standard and the lightest. By the time you add an exhaust (fairly cheaply in comparison to the others) it'll be even lighter and push the BHP up well past the 210 mark, even then it'll make more UK track days than a V4 with our without an exhaust upgrade, and given thats the point of some of these bikes surely thats a consideration. I also quite like the look of the bike and can't wait to try the riding position as this new one looks more 'in' than 'on top' which will probably help me bend in my 6ft 3 frame.

    I'd have them all, but as it stands i can't afford one :)
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  3. I’m ordering a s1000rr for March 2020 delivery. I prob won’t get one till November so going to wait till 20 reg but ordering now to beat the price rise
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  4. My neighbour from across the road has just ordered one. He gets delivery in October apparently.

    I asked him which of his other bikes he's getting rid of and the answer was maybe the Grom. Just maybe. :D

    He also has a BMW Nine T Cafe Racer, and a CRF 400 which he uses to commute on.
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  5. Yeah they told me October-November but there no point in that for me as I put them away over the winter so will wait till 20 reg