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Supersport (carby) - Front Number Board ??

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by =^..^=, Jan 14, 2022.

  1. My Carby 900 fairing is off getting repaired / re-finished - one of the suggestion the paint guy had was to do a white "number board" on the front around the headlight - this sounded different so I decided to get it done.

    When I was in the paint shop yesterday he couldn't decide what looked best (he was outlining in striping tape)

    I've been looking for ideas - and I only found a couple of examples of "number boards" that were even close to being decent..

    Has anyone got any photos out there for inspiration??

    I found this - which I thought was ok (ish) but I didn't like how far round the fairing the board went - I was thinking half way between the upper fairing bolts and then up but the paint guy was less certain..

    example.jpg example.jpg
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  2. Prefer the traditional ‘square’ shape.
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  3. Thanks !!
    I've since found this - which I like
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  4. Is that your old one Sev?
  5. A bike with mirrors even less useful than the standard ones.
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  6. yup. Now owner by Rich at Moto R.
    I'll be giving the same treatment to the superlight.
  7. My vote's with post #2 & 4 for the right vista.
  8. Simple Black line on my 1000SS, with the White all the way down.

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  9. IMG_20200808_213911.jpg
    This is mine.
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  10. Thanks - I think I have a good idea of what I want now - kind of a hybrid between the one with the shit mirrors and R&C's superlight.

    I do like the lighting concept on the shit mirrors one...
  11. To bring the thread to a conclusion this is what I went for :)
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  12. I can see why, it sets off the rectangular headlight a treat.
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