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Sw Motech Blaze Too Close To Exhaust On Monster R

Discussion in 'Clothing, Gadgets & Equipment' started by dubcat, Jun 1, 2019.

  1. D0147808-2267-4796-BA20-448EA06B2EA0.jpeg surely this can’t be safe!? Am using the mounting bracket for my bike - monster R.
  2. It'll be fine..Your cans won't get that hot
    My panniers were closer on my hyper....
    Look nice those Termi's :upyeah:
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  3. The bags are pushing against the indicators too :(

    Gutted. I go away in a week. I doubt they will refund me the bracket cost so that’s £120 down the pan.
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  4. Could the velcro straps be tightened a bit more so they sit straight and would lift it slightly away from the pipes?
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  5. My 899 had the same issue, they were fine, did Santander to Barcelona and back and they survived. The indicators have a certain amount of flex in them.
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  6. Gave it a go but it doesn't really work as the inside bottom corner of the bags is held in place by a bar. Also it makes the bags push against the indicators even more.
  7. I have them on my 1200R with no issues. Notwithstanding I have an SC-Project Carbon.
    Yours does not look to bad.
    Notwithstanding, SW-Motech assures compatibility with stock exhaust. You can't expect them to be compatible with all after market.
    Anything other than stock is a hit and miss at the owner's chances.
    You can see the SW-Motech bracket on the pillion seat photo below.

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  8. I agree about stock exhaust - but it’s a similar height.

    How about the indicators pushing against the bags. Do you have that problem?
  9. No only because I fit the bags ahead of the blinkers.
  10. I can't see how you can 'fit your bags ahead of the blinkers'.. they just go where they go. You can't choose where to put them can you?
  11. I did. The blinkers were behind the bags.
    SW Motech Blaze Monster.jpeg
  12. I wonder if I'm doing something wrong - the fit doesn't seem to be adjustable so i don't see how i could be... will have another look but im totally confused how you managed to do that.
  13. Ahhh my tailtidy is the problem :(
  14. Ah good news!!! Once I tightened the clips the indicators are no longer being pushed by the bags :) Happy days!
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  15. I’ve got an evotech tailtidy and termis on my 1200R and am considering the sw motec blaze panniers. @dubcat do you think they will fit ?
  16. Is that a RAM mount on the steering damper mounting ? Looks neat
  17. They do fit however you must mount them slightly forward to clear the turn signals when you have an Evotech Performance Tail Tidy which I also have. I would also suggest a strip of black Duck tape on the bags to prevent unnecessary rubbing by the turn signal. This is a minor issue as it take awhile before you notice any wear. The tape will prevent this.
    SW Motech Blaze Monster.jpeg
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  18. Thank you. It was quite the experiment to find the proper mounting solution. Notwithstanding, my Panigale was even more challenging.
    The objective was to have the GPS in line-of-sight yet not block the display. On a Monster "S", that's easy. Not so much on an "R" version or any Monster that has a steering damper.
    I have posted the methodology here:
  19. @DarR thanks for the info, that's really helpful.
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