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Tail Bag Options

Discussion in 'Streetfighter' started by Jon_Dong, Jun 6, 2016.

  1. Hi All,

    Off away and was looking for some ideas of saddle bag options for my 848sf.

    I don't want to spend the world and I wasn't sure if the universal ones you can get are any good.

    Looking forward to hearing any thoughts/ideas.

  2. I used a Kriega US 20 on the rear of mine, with the oem seat back on. Once the mounting straps are on the bike any Kriega can be used. There is a DP one but not a very good size, for a lot of money.
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    Damn caps lock
  4. The straps are universal - you have to wrap them around the frame of the bike, and once on there they have little hooks you can then fix any Kriega to. They also do a tank adaptor for £19 (which i use a lot on my 1198) which helps a lot on a long journey as a full up US20 makes a nice rest, and also diffuses the wind blast on the SF.
  5. This shows it quite well. You can also stack the bags on top of each other. I use a 20 with a 10 on top.

    Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 11.51.44.png
  6. I do like the look of the 30 and it looks to fit very nicely.

    Is it easy to fit to a 848 sf? I cant really see what they connect to under the pillion seat?
  7. Once that seat is up you can see the frame, it just wraps around it, on both sides.

    I actually had mine fitted by a really helpful girl at Infinity in Holborn, who had done many before. Didn't look too hard though.
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  8. I'm going with this. Appreciate the help
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  9. Here's a picture of a Kreiga 30 fastened to my SFS, I fixed the straps to the pillion seat with some self tapping screws & washers, there was a thread about that method of fixing the kreiga straps onto Ducati's somewhere.

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  10. Kriega US20 and US10 for me too :)
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  11. Kriega used a Streetfighter in their promo photos for the US bags but they will fit any bike with a pillion seat. As said they are not cheap but totally waterproof and worth every penny. 10 year no quibble guarantee too.
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  12. [​IMG]
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  13. Found this on google. How to fit the Kriega straps

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  14. the Kreiga look very nice,,, as an alternative, i got a pair of Oxford throw over type sadlebags which allowed for a pillion rider and packed enough for two people for 6 weeks in EUland recently,, cost 25£ s/h as new...
  15. That's the one I found & have done it like that, its perfect for over 140mph on an Autobahn, I did a week in France & Germany last year out of the 30ltr Kreiga. its a little tricky fitting the pillion seat due to the DDA with the straps bolted on but once on never moved & no scuffed paintwork!
  16. Cheers all
  17. I'm sure many alternatives but +1 for the Kreiga 20.

    Each bike different for its Fitment. On my 998 I've fitted the adjustable straps under the pillion seat where the pillion grabstrap is. Makes it sit a couple of mm above where it should usually, but is a tidy solution in the end as it's difficult to mount the straps to the frame on this bike without rubbing the rear fairing to bits.

    A flexible and well made product, would recommend any extra in £££ to go with this brand.

  18. What size screws did you use Flinty?

    I'm just looking to by some now.