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Tank Protectors

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by Carr01, Dec 14, 2019.

  1. Having removed mine during recent work I’m wondering if I should replace it, are these ugly stick on carbon fibre protectors up for the job?
  2. Yeah they work pretty well, but you can get clear ones too. Another option is Helicoptertape (best to get 3M) which is effectively industrial grade sellotape. It comes in various widths and you cut to shape. All available on your friendy local aution site for pennies.
  3. Clear might be the way to go, black carbon looks harsh against the red paint.
    I’ve seen clear used but they seem to not age very well.
    My friend had one on his bandit and it yellowed around the edges, that might have been down to his sloppy refuelling technique though!
  4. Do you remember those 1990's ones,sticky tack on a block foam for less than a fiver.:thinkingface:....anyway are you happy with the paint job/results.:thinkingface:
  5. I have a clear one now, its been on for two years without yellowing. Still they're a fiver, so I'd replacing is no big deal. The helio tape sounds a bit mickey mouse and I was sceptical, but wanted to protect my new tank from seat rub & wear etc. Its brilliant and you can't really see it unless you look closely.
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  6. Snap. Just took an acre of cheap single skin cf off the 748 yesterday. Looks great with no protection but I think I am going to get a DP performance or Corse pad for mine.
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  7. Looking online the market is saturated with them, simply too many to choose from.
    Could you post up a photo of yours?
  8. Be individual, make your own mind up, blumin ek.
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  9. Very happy with the results, it’s a perfect job.
    The new layer of chrome on the fork leg is doing its job too.
    The bike was fully serviced whilst it was in and feels spot on.
    Even on the short ride back from the dealers the feeling of old school character is phenomenal!
    The service team at Ducati Mcr are a great bunch and I got the impression they really enjoyed working on it!

    Like everyone else, just waiting for the sun to shine!
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  10. That was easy, the bike is in the conservatory being fcuked with... You can't see it too well though - which is good! tankprotector.JPG
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  11. Agree and thanks.
    Looks good to me, clear it shall be.
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  12. Great stuff,Makes me think that i've made a mistake not buying one of these cool looking machines,viewed three now 900FE/2 x SL and got nowhere fast.anyway a picture of mine on the 996.
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  13. Thats good news!

    Re sunshine. Patience, whilst in short supply, is reputedly a virtue. LOL.
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  14. I like the Keiti ones, or I had an Agip one made up by Imageworks which was cool. Sorry no pics
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  15. The thing with these is once they’re on they’re on, and a proper bastard to get off.
    Hence the questions.
  16. @Expat Jack is available any place,anytime for a mobile removal service.:upyeah:
  17. A Hair dryer (or professional device) and WD40 takes care of them pretty well.
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  18. Silicon spatula at the ready!
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  19. Any excuse for that rideout.:upyeah:
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