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Tank Scratches

Discussion in 'Detailing and cleaning' started by DucatiSRT, Jul 19, 2019.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Whats the best way to remove sight scratches of my tank. Tried the norm T-Cut but there still there. I cant feel them with my finger so there not deep
  2. Tcut an awful product, it's far too abrasive, apparently good as an intercoat rub down, but other than that....

    Get some one with the proper kit, an orbital polisher, a paint thickness gauge and the correct grades of polish.
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  3. Any recommendations
  4. It all depends on how confident you are. Flatten with 1500 paper (wet) in a random motion and polish back up with G3. Be careful around panel edges.

    If you aren't confident of doing that you can try with the G3 alone, but you are basically taking the paint down to a point where the "trough" of the scratch is flat, 1500 paper just lets you get there faster.

    Remember whatever you do, you are removing some of the paint layer.
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  5. Thanks for the advise, will give it ago
  6. DA (dual action) polisher with correct pad and Meguiars 105 ultra cut polish.
    If you can't 'feel' the scratches then they will be only in the laquer. With enough care and patience it is possible to make them disappear with said products.
    Trouble is the kit is not cheap to buy, but well worth the outlay if you're into any sort of vehicle detailing.
  7. I have a duel polishing machine so I will try thst polish
  8. If you can feel them with your fingernail then they are too deep to remove fully
  9. I have used this very successfully. It’s great stuff. Careful with 1500 grit paper. Try 2000 or 3000 wet with soapy water lube then polish with 105. But a 3 inch drill head polisher from eBay. About a tenner with pads. It will come out
  10. FYI, i used Autoglym " Instant Show Shine " on my 1199 and a few other bikes.

    As the tnak on the 1199 isnt as robust in finish , the instant show shine takes out the swirls and will protect it. Id go heavy with it an regular until you get a few layers on.

    the instant show shine works well and wont cause problems.

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