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Tarantino's Latest.

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Wrecked, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. Just seen it and worth the £8.95 fee. A slow burner. In snooker terms it's more Cliff Thorburn than Ronnie, but I appreciate both styles. It aint no Pulp Fiction, more the Jackie Brown sort of level. - 3.9 out of 5. Agree?
    Gonna go?
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  2. HMV always have Jackie Brown in the 99p bargain bin..
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  3. I heard he dissed Bruce Lee. So won’t bother.
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  4. True.

    HMV are a bunch of poopyheads and so are the people who shop there.
  5. :worried:
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  6. cant wait to see it...
  7. some regard JB as his watermark moment
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  8. He he......yep, Bruce is in it.
  9. i saw inglourious again a few days back... was even better the third time around
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  10. I'm waiting for Kill Bill to be shown on the box. They never ever seem to broadcast it..
  11. Jackie Brown is an absolute masterpiece. Never tire of that one. Inglorious is just mental fun. Love all his films but not seen number 9 yet.
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  12. It was on last week, Film 4 I think. Sorry, bit late to be helping you with this info.
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  13. It’s on at least once a week somewhere on the extra channels
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  14. It's on tonight I think.
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  15. i could do without death proof though
  16. Death Proof was fun. Enjoyed it even though I knew I was being exploited : o )
  17. Read somewhere he’s a big old misogynist now, which has spoilt any street cred he possibly had.
  18. Can’t believe I’m chiming in on a film thread. I rarely watch films...... But my Mrs dragged me to the flicks last night to watch this.
    And it was great! Lots of dark comedy and pinches of salt. I usually fall asleep but not this time :):upyeah:
  19. It certainly is ..... I'm surprised that more people don't know it .

    De Niro , Jackson , Pam Greer and Bridget Fonda all give great performances
    and work so well together .
    Great plotting and dialogue also .
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  20. They were discussing this on the film show on radio last week, and how it demonstrates his misogyny as all Fonda does is walk around in a bikini. Can’t remember the movie, not sure I’ve seen it.

    But all his movies I have seen, women don't come off well and are barely there...its like a Labour top table conference ;)
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