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Termi Exhaust

Discussion in 'Diavel & XDiavel' started by CM4ppy, Nov 9, 2020.

  1. Guys, looking to get a termi full system fitted to my 1260s, need to advise insurance but as not fitted yet (ordered today), for any fitted in the UK, did your insurance cover them, if notified

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  2. I would assume they have race use only, but as they are under the bike should be okay ! :)
    I was looking at the QD and shark systems as they are half the price!!!
  3. Yep, did look at both and hp corse and they are all approx 500-600 cheaper, then add the servo eliminator, and would they need a remap ? Or pcv to fix fuelling and it’s very close in cost.

    What have others done
  4. What is the part number of the exhaust you have ordered ? The accessories list on the Ducati web site say all the full systems are not for road use. Andy
  5. Did you get a deal on the Termi?. I've seen the Shark exhaust for a low 1400!!! HP about 850
  6. That’s the one ordered, speaking to Bennett’s today over cover. Had a full race system on my triumph and they covered the bike but not the race system in the event of a claim
  7. I averaged the QD and Shark at £1700, the termi is £2300
  8. Is the up map installed by the dealer in with the price?
  9. It is, and the main reason I went with it. I have 4 years warranty on the bike and with fitting a Ducati accessory, no issues with a warranty claim
  10. It's a ducati accessory stated as full race exhaust, tell insurance end of (once the upmap is loaded everytime you start bike you'll be greeted with Racing on dash). That's what most of us do & the mark on the exhaust can be wet-n-dried away if you feel the need. Mine gets me a regular 'advisory' notes on the MOT too cover the stations back regarding loud-exhaust. If you crash & don't declare it the insurance could void your cover. Don't panic declaring it its not much more mullah.
  11. Called Bennett’s and they don’t care about exhausts, told them it’s a full race system and they don’t record them any more. Something new for this year
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  12. Had to cancel the exhaust so looking at the QD
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  13. Plus side you save money and its road legal with baffles in.. plenty of sound clips on the interweb.
    Think I'm going to go with the shark.. but not until next year.
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