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Termi Silencer

Discussion in 'Monster' started by StuSouthampton, Jun 30, 2020.

  1. Hi all,

    I recently bought a 2019 M1200s and today had a Termi silencer fitted. Great service by Moto Rapido!

    They didn’t put the baffles in and I was genuinely surprised just how loud it is without them in! Think my neighbours will hate me if I leave them out, so that will be a job for the weekend...

    My question is regarding MOTs and the police, I believe (please correct me if I’m wrong) the fact it says ‘for race use only’ means it’s an MOT fail and would be pulled up on it should I be stopped by the police. I’ve read that if that isn’t visible then it would not be an issue, although that may be bs.

    Can anyone comment on this and if the above is right, how have people got rid of the wording? Or am I making a problem for myself that I need not worry about.

  2. The baffles are very easy to install. If the dealer installed the Termi's they must pass your MOT right?
    Or did they have you sign something that said you would not ride on the road?
    Here, the dealer usually applies for tags/plates for you. So it is road legal when you leave.
    The Termis must pass...
    Or the internet would be filled with articles and videos of swapping them back and forth...

    I picked up my 2014 used without the baffles. I doubt I will ever put them in.

  3. Doubt you will have a problem but if you are massively worried put a sticker over the for race use only - and put baffles in @cookster will confirm but noise is mot testers discretion I believe.
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  4. Not particularly worried as if it does fail I can just swap over the original to pass, just wondered if I was saving myself some hassle by making sure it passes.

    as Rex says there isn’t a load of posts about it so probably isn’t an issue!
  5. Screenshot_20200630-212034.png
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  6. I was once told off by the mot man for having put the original silencers back on for the test. He said " you don't usually have them on do you so why have you put them on now!"
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  7. To the letter yes it should fail if exhaust has not for road use on it and as mentioned just put a sticker over It, as noise is concerned as long as it's not stupid loud you should be ok.
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  8. How in the hell would he have known that?
  9. My Termi’s had metallic stickers on the inside face saying not for road use so I just peeled them off. I left the baffles out and got an advisory. It’s very loud, but not as loud as say your standard Harley Fat Boy. If it doesn’t fail the MOT and you’re marked up not for road use I’d find another MOT place, best to be safe on your bike, it’s the one area where it’s worth having a proper check.
  10. I ride with termi’s with the same “Race only” metal plates on my Monster. At time of last years MOT, I covered those plates with silver duck tape, stuck the baffles in, and it passed ok. At worse, you might get an advisory comment about noise...

    Like you, I was initially concerned about swapping pipes back to OEM for the MOT but now wouldn’t bother thinking about it. Mine due again in Sept, so plan on repeating the event as last year...
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  11. Morning Stu

    Assuming you are actually in Southampton, I've just had my 848 SF MoT'ed at Hampshire Motorcycles in Shirley. Full Termi's , no baffles, no problems
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  12. “For Race Use Only” Buffs out with a little 600 wet n dry and autosol. Polish up the remaining aluminum band and it looks perfect. If you still want to keep the Matt look, once you have polished it out go back over with steel wool Brillo pad and it looks fine.
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