Featured That Was A Nice Surprise...

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Exige, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. I opened Practical Sportsbikes after it just dropped through the door and quickly opened it to see if Exact Fit belts had been mentioned having just had 2 orders going to MCN / PSB staff. Checked if Chris (Editor) had done an article on his belt change and mentioned our belts - but nothing there yet :worried:

    Then found this :blush: very pleased...

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  2. You missed out the bottom part where it describes the owner as a prolific european lady shagger
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  3. Great heads up for you. Shame they have ruined the mag tho , imho..
    Cheers puddy :)
  4. They sort of devalued both mags a little, I was a subscriber to both and liked both for their content.
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  5. Where does it say exact UK then?? :thinkingface::thinkingface:
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  6. I thought that? .Why 8/10 and not 10/10?
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  7. There, in that yellow bit.
    Almost had an ‘it’s behind you’ moment then!
  8. Oh Yeah!! :joy:
  9. why only 8 outta 10? is it coz the product is good but the supplier is our buddy? we should smash his face in and cut him lose... its for his own good....
  10. Probably because he charged them normal price instead of giving it to them as free evaluation samples...
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  11. I'm guessing he thinks £95 is still seen as high, just not when compared with OEM. Looks like he has used the 999 belts as a comparator so his 996 belts were cheaper anyway :thinkingface:
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  12. "no drastic stretching" wondering if he actaully mesured them or just some visual "measurment".
    Maybe above is a clue to 8/10 :thinkingface:
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  13. That would still be relative though as stretch is part of the design consideration and CCW belts stretch less than OEM hence the lower frequency requirement :)
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  14. I also wondered why 8/10 especially as the extra bits included :thinkingface:
    Should be 10/10 the tight git :mad:
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  15. I bet the writer is from yorkshire, they don't like giving anything away let alone two extra marks.
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