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the 'Anyone going to Boxhill today?' thread

Discussion in 'Rideouts & Events' started by Chris, Jun 30, 2013.

  1. Thought I would post in this manner to save time in the future - am off (back) up there today (Sunday 30th June) after meeting the lovely Jacques at home - will be there around 1.45 if anyone fancies a cup full with Tea etcetera.
    I think I saw PeterT's old streetfighter earlier..
  2. Hope u all had a nice ride to Bury, my speedo stopped working on way home so will have to strip clocks out, seeing as that's the only part I've touched of late grrrrr
  3. Thanks Martin, we did and engine still intact but one of my front wheel bearings failed spectacularly within 2 miles of home so luckily could limp for the rest. If it had happened at Bury then I would still be on route :)
  4. just got in and will be up the hill at around 11 - 11.15 a.m. It's overcast and a bit muggy here - 5 miles from Box but have every faith in the yellow bright thing emerging today.
  5. I'm here now so it's a classy place....
  6. Doh.......... just woke up so that's put plans I had made to one side now
  7. I'll be heading there in about an hour. White 848 Evo with red wheels...
  8. we saw your bike Radihead - next time will hopefully find you :) quite yo-yo like today - Box/Newlands/Box. Who fancies a trip to Poole on Tuesday or Bury on Thursday?
  9. Yep saw the 848 with red wheels. Very nice and saw a 07 hyper on my way back I think he'd been up box, must get back to my gardening :)
  10. There were loads of Ducatis at Loomies first thing, and not all with us!
  11. Sunday AM, hopefully the weather and rain will have abated. I'll be there about 10:00 or so for a much needed blast on the Streetfighter having shamed myself today by nodding to other riders while on the GS.
  12. will be there Sunday morning.
  13. Yup...will be there this morning, Sunday. Will be leaving there about 10:45 tho.
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  14. I'm is coming !
  15. Jez, Ken,don't know if you are interested in meeting at destination Triumph, if you are propose a time.
  16. 9.15 any good ?
  17. I can be there 9:20
  18. Will be up about 1-1.15pm
  19. Sorry to miss you Stuart - was a hoot - Saturday 28th July was the day that "I was attacked by a Badger on a mountain bike" was said (looool) :)
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