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The Beatles Were Right……

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by El Toro, May 3, 2021.

  1. Do you think he’s chucked her the covid jab and now her chip is under control....
  2. So sad.
  3. The man’s a fucking maniac. Don’t blame her....
  4. All relationships end eventually for one reason or the other, if get a partner for life then perhaps your a lucky person or not in some cases.
  5. Feel really sorry for you if you believe that XH, unless your including bereavement in that statement.
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  7. I know lots of couples that have been together years and they have only separated due to bereavement or still going even through the bad times.
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  8. Thanks for your concerns but it's reality mate for most folks, but saying that my parents are aged at 72 / 73 & married over fifty years ago.:eek:
  9. No doubt that the Bill and Meinda Gates foundation has provided more for charity than probably any other individual or couple as in this case and I applaud him for it but when at one stage your company is bringing in over 300 million a day in revenue which is essentially being split between you, your business partner and a small executive board, there must come a point when you wonder what else to do with the money!
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