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The Cyclists/ebikers/ Tdf Spoilers Alert

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by DucatiScud, Apr 7, 2020.

  1. agree, hence post, so much of a faff that won't be doing it ever again unless they introduce a "cattle run"
  2. 33 miles of moorland MTB ing this afternoon...
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  3. Well, inspired by this very cyclists thread and the fact I have done zero in the last two years I dusted off the road bike and went for a bimble. Now smiling from ear to ear, good to get familiar with the back roads on the Wirral again this morning, now relaxing with a cuppa.

    79F01E42-0058-4285-B8D6-9662157845C4.jpeg DF7B0699-F8BE-47BD-A43E-3A56E2EE73A8.jpeg 665C78BC-1826-4991-930E-33030F190CD4.jpeg
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  4. Another fiddy odd up in the badlands.
    Have to be careful not to get a cap busted in ones arse, don’t cha know…:bucktooth:
    80C20F3F-F6BC-43F5-AEDC-5B94D0F084DC.jpeg 49FCCC34-9C1D-4D43-ACD9-1F13EBFEAC72.jpeg
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  5. Visit to the Lakes this weekend, up Kirkston pass, not as tough as expected but still a hard climb. Stunning views, quiet roads as its not peak season hell yet. Bike heaven.



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  6. This event/route is worthy of a try, Kirkstone is 1 of the warm ups, Hardknott is the headliner though, a few clips on YouTube of motorcyclists unable to get up Hardknott and it’s 33% in places incline.:upyeah::)

    damn forgot the link to the event @mary hinge horse burger

    #2526 DucatiScud, May 8, 2022
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  7. 24 miles of blowy off road MTB ing plus bacon this morning... Good, dry trails still though...
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  8. Jeez that looks like hell.
  9. It’s a very good day out, it doesn’t really start until 56 miles in though. From memory the record is or was 6 ish hours, believe it has been extended with an extra climb after Wrynose from when I completed it.
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  10. Friend knows a guy that did this.....

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  11. Out again, becoming a habit…..a good one though.not many folk about at daft o’clock which is how I like it, downside is the pub was shut ! F1AE9F6C-7839-4AFA-8F7B-6DC06A454C95.jpeg
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  12. Ticked that bastard off! :punch:

    7E638993-F793-41A3-BA51-F58289F00412.png 4BA551E8-E420-4D66-8A7B-0B6260218A24.jpeg 37E3C08F-4AF2-4A4C-9A75-39637FC5DB0E.jpeg 76F236A4-44F3-4359-887E-C7711B86EAA0.jpeg 7DF91AD3-2CF3-4DFF-92B5-89D964B592DE.jpeg
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  13. I think my camera's f*cked.
  14. On your phone or proper camera?
  15. Phone. Had issues since the last s/w upgrade.
  16. Spent yesterday out on hyper then glued to the tv watching the nw200. MTB today though, 25 blowy miles over the Moors....
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  17. Nice evening for a pedal. Shins are on fire tonight after being stung to bits by the ever growing nettles. Some routes will now be off limits until October now.

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  18. New tyres for todays ride. Been riding the gravel bike for a couple of years now and only ridden on various 45mm tyres.
    Feeling brave and bought a set of 38mm, definitely a more bumpy ride off road, but seem faster on the road.

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